cuckoo for coconut...and m&ms...and shortbread

I wanted to get this up before the day is over so you can go buy the stuff for these cookies before Easter is over.

I likes me some shortbread cookies...And I like them a little undercooked.

HERE'S the direct link if you want it.

And let us all be glad that after tomorrow, I won't be forced to buy anymore holiday chocolate until Halloween.


  1. Blech. Coconut is N A S T Y. But the cookies are sure cute!

  2. I love coconut! & those are the cutest little cookies!, & Lily OH MY GOSH she is beautiful! Her hair is getting so long! I want to make those cookies! :)

  3. Dara, doesn't it make you sad that you don't like coconut? It's such a happy...fruit...?

    Thanks, Casey!


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