meal planners

I don't know why I like lists and calendars so much.  But I do.

Especially when someone else makes them and I just have to print it off.

I'm about to plan our meals for the next few weeks.  (Thank you Sam's for your super-fantastic cheap meat.)  I only plan out dinners cuz breakfast and lunch don't require much planning.  (Cereal...Pop Tarts...Sandwiches.  Badda-bing.  Badda boom.)  And I actually found some menu planners that are just for dinners that I thought were worth mentioning...and a few others that plan all the meals.

This one:

And this one:

This one is gosh darn cute:

Menu four:

And another:

One that won't blow your socks off, (as if a menu planner really could), but it's good enough...no picture for this one.

If anyone is in the mood, email me a good recipe.  One that your family has on a regular basis because a.) it's really good and cheap and/or b.) it's really good and easy to make.



  1. ok, Hmm. I think we were on the same page today! I was just going to text you I need help with making dinner tonight! since I will be home for the next 14 weeeks!!!! I am going to try and make dinner most nights. So I need idea's too, and I think these meal planners are a great idea :) That way I can stop searching threw the pantry trying to throw something together last minute.

  2. We do breakfast a lot for dinner: french toast, hashbrowns, country potatoes, bacon, sausage, egg sandwiches...ooo...I'm getting hungry...

  3. I am a worshipper of lists. I have no idea why, they just make me feel better!

    {p.s. love: if you can't say something nice, say it behind my back!} hilarious.


If you can't say something nice, say it behind my back.