two dollars

Endless hours of fun from an El cheapo Walmart Easter toy. 

You will never be bored again.

Even alone...oodles of excitement.

Hope you had at least that much fun today.

Again...Happy Easter!


And before I forget...

Steve made a cheesecake.  

We got it from the coupon inserts that come in the Sunday paper.  Even came with a sour cream coupon.  (...Which is in the topping.  Think that's weird?  So did I.  But it was good!  Even better with strawberries on top.)

Find it HERE.


  1. Oh my gosh, Lily's hair is SO CUTE! I'm glad you guys had a happy Easter.

    P.S. I used to think I loved cheese cake. And then, I realized one day that I really don't like it at all.

  2. Love the little Miss's hair :) do you click on those things and the ball pops out? and the other person catches it?.. That looks like fun! & entertaining for a todller. Good thinking.

  3. Looks like hours of fun! I love your wall color, btw...

  4. Your house is so well done! I want paint, and I want curtains. And pictures up...


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