be mine

Lily started to write words by sounding them out in her head.  It's a new thing.  (And probably something that only a kid's mother would actually find adorable and blog-worthy.  Nevertheless...)

She just handed me a valentine she made. 

It says:


She tried to explain it to me... I know there's something about mommy and Lily and love and beautiful.  

She confused herself when she tried to read it back to me.  

So she walked away and dismissed me. 

I have no idea what it actually says.

But I still love it.


  1. Those are the best ones. I still have a note from Emily that says, "Mom thack you for alle the thenings you do love Emily" She wasn't listening well that day and knew that I wasn't too happy about it so she made me a card. How can you stay mad after that?

  2. That is so sweet! I love it.. :)

  3. Very sweet! Is she excited about the baby?

  4. She is so very smart!! She must get that from Steve :) Lol j/k. I think thats an awesome thing to blog about! :) and I cant wait till Riley is making those for me. :)


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