new again

I'm back to blog.  But nothing earth-shattering right now.  Just saying Happy New Year.  Happy new decade.  And good luck on the resolutions.

Question to start things off...
Can anyone tell me in one comment what has happened on Lost since it started?  I bet you can't.   

Oh...only 31 days till the Winter Olympics start.

Can you even stand it?!


  1. Looking forward to more blogs! And I have never watched a full episode of Lost...and I don't have TV to watch the olympics. Thank goodness I can watch it on the internet, albeit delayed a few hours.

  2. I bet you are happy the Olympics aren't there! I doubt we will ever have one here... Glad to see you back to blogging! Now get Dan to blog again.

  3. I wouldn't mind if they were here again. I had a good ole time when they were in SLC.

  4. That's why I want to know, Tami. I don't want to actually have to watch all the back episodes. I watched the first 4 episodes when they came out. And now I'm just...curious.

  5. Don't bother with Lost. Seriously. They named it that for a reason. And they should have just called it Boring, anyway. Much more descriptive.

    And you just got your wish, Nichelle. Presto!

    Now everybody needs to post something, because it's getting boring around this part of the Interwebz. Just like Lost.

  6. Lost is mind boggling. Who even knows what is going on.

  7. Happy Happy Joy Joy! Im glad the new year is here :) It will bring Many good things! I just know it

  8. Knock Knock..... R U There??...


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