woof you!

I am publicly thanking the man that told his dogs to "SHUT UP!" as I was walking by this morning.

Thank you, Man.

My gratitude was full enough that it almost moved me to bake you cookies.

To the rest of you who own dogs that growl, hiss, (yes, dogs hiss) bark, and give me heart attacks as I innocently walk by...

...One day I will own a big dog.

And I will feed your dogs to my big dog.


  1. I am going to have a a big dog just like the one in the picture! That is beautiful!!

  2. Emily is petrified of dogs she doesn't know. Which is fine by me. She jumps a mile if one is behind a fence and starts barking as we walk by.

  3. Dogs are frightening. I still want one, but they scare me.

  4. Barking dogs are so annoying. Even mine sometimes! I yell at her to shut up quite frequently.

  5. If I get a big dog and tell it to shut up...will you bake ME cookies?

  6. heehee! yeah i tell my dog to "shut up" all the time! although he will not listen if people who are walking and have their dogs with them and they are not 'controlled'. (ie: not on a leash or the owners just letting the dog drag their leash.) but that just drives me nuts anyway! come on! i don't care how obedient your dog is, you never know when something will distract the dog and off it goes. there it can get run over by one of those sweet, unselfish teenagers that rip up and down the street that make me want to throw out spike strips to let them have a nice tire blow out...or to trot over to an unsuspecting and terrified youngster who will pee their pants because the thought of the strange dog is enough to set the child to histeria. and those owners are the same who couldn't care less where their dog marks "their territory" and wouldn't clean up the mess when their dog takes a dump right in front of my mailbox! meanwhile my dog goes nuts having to re-pee all over everything in our yard because the mongrel down the street thinks he can claim my yard as his own.

    but i'm not bitter...just annoyed and pregnant! :)

  7. I used to love dogs before moving here. All our stupid neighbors let their stupid dogs run loose and poo stupidly in my yard. If you can't keep your stupid dog under control and on your own stupid property you shouldn't have a dog cuz you are stupid. I don't own a dog and don't want to clean up after other stupid peoples' dogs.

    ...Nor should I have to constantly worry about being attacked as I walk down the road.

    Really, it's the people that are stupid more than the dog. Cuz a dog doesn't know there are such things as city ordinances.

  8. .... i like dogs.. but i dont think im a dog person.. I get annoyed when my cat meows...


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