I have a new favorite spot on Earth.

Moon Lake, up around somewhere abouts these yonder parts over there.

We had a perfect day Saturday, fishing and relaxing.

It's so pretty there and I love these pictures, so indulge me.

...Think the Andy Griffin theme song...

Smells as good as it looks.

Lily spent the first part of the outing throwing rocks into the water. Maybe the reason I caught NOTHING.

Below picture by Lily. What an eye.

Dead tree floating. I thought it was funny.

My view...awesome view...

Here's your pines, Jeremy...

Dunlaps...you must all come camping there with us this summer. It's THE best camping spot! It has a path all the way around the lake. (It's said no one has every made it all the way around because of the Moon Lake Monster. Challenge, anyone?) The camping spots are super close to the lake and there are even cabins right there for the wussies.

I'm so lucky to live so close to all this.

P.S. Saved By The Bell fans, watch. This is just funny...


  1. LOL! Nice pictures, by the way!

  2. I will accept that challenge!! I want to go camping SO BAD!!!! Those pictures are beautiful!!!

    it's not pretty here in az....... :'-(

  3. Thanks, Amy. I read your blog a few hours ago and since then I have had the theme song to Andy Griffith stuck in my head. :) Those pictures are amazing. Very beautiful.

  4. Looks like a perfect day...Now I've got the Andy Griffith song stuck in my head.

  5. *btw the late night with jimmy is Hilarious!!

  6. I love those pictures... so pretty. I haven't been camping in so long. We want to, but not with babies! Do you have a fancy schmancy camera? Your photos are so crisp and clear.

  7. I'm totally jealous. We wanted to go today- kev's day off, but it's so rainy I know we won't enjoy going. beautiful pix. I'm so glad you shared them!

  8. That does look like the PERFECT day! I'm so jealous. It's beautiful.

  9. We're trying to get to Utah July 2 - 9. We will have to go to Logan and spend a few days, but I'm ready!!!

  10. ahh. the beautiful outdoors! looks gorgeous! although right now, i have no desire to join you. something about being big and fat and pregnant and not very comfortable in my own comfortable home. :P btw...i still need to get pics of me. it;s just that i am sooo not getting a pic of me in the morning, and by the time troy gets home in the evening my energy and cuteness has deteriorated. LOL

  11. Saved by the Bell-
    That video- I almost wet my pants... I was laughing so hard. Mom and Kenny were looking at me like I was insane...

  12. I miss Utah and am jealous.

  13. Those pictures are amazing!! I wish mike fished or camped.. I wonder if Riley will ever get the chance,, I might need to take him one day.
    Lily looks so cute in her little fishing hat!
    I wish i lived closer :(


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