My friend, Heather (N), came up with this chore chart setup. (Her's is a space theme.)

I'm totally ripping it off.

But I really liked it.

So I took it.

(She's just so squishably adorable.)

With a little structure,hardwork, and persistence--
she'll start earning her keep around here.

It's high time.

And she will go from the little devil-child, who can get out of anything just by giggling...

...To the little angel I know is in there...



  1. CUTE idea! I love it! And Lily's pics cracked me up!

  2. Hey great idea. And, it isn't really ripping it off if you give her credit, right?

  3. Oooo...That looks like fun! Smart thinkin' there, Amy. I should make one, but I think I am too lazy...and HEY! You still need to have a bow making class for us unskilled types.

  4. So cute!! What's the system?? Like what rewards does she get for completing the chores and what's the punishment if she doesn't??? I've gotta start something with Mariska. Do you have a file or anything to email me?!

  5. Um, honestly...her reward is a sticker. That's it. No big reward in the end. I want her to grow up knowing she has to pitch in without some grand prize.

    She seems pretty pleased with just being able to put a sticker on.

    There's no punishment yet cuz she does everything without a fight.

    I have a Word file I can send you.

  6. I think you need to make one of those charts up for me to use for Hannah and Becca. I think it would take more than just a sticker for the reward. Maybe a QT drink or something. I'll have to think hard on that. You really are very talented Amy.

  7. sooo cute! great idea! i think i may "glean" from you too! we had a chore chart for the girls before lance got here...but it was just for bekah and noemi. mantha is big enough to use one and lance DEFINILY need some accountability too! :)

    you have my brain a-workin!


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