Ever wonder what your husband would look like bald? The ugly kind of bald...you know the down-the-middle-bald? I need wonder no more.

(P.S. The final hair-cut was much more flattering.)

Here's hoping Steve inherited his father's head of hair.

Steve, please don't shave my eyebrows while I'm sleeping.


  1. lol, great pic! :) It's weird the things we think about when we get older...

  2. He's gonna have to shave his head when the time comes, I think.

    OR, and this is my preference, he could grow his beard and his remaining hair out to ponytail lengths, and look like a hippy. That'd be cool. We could nickname him Hashberry, and he could never have to shower anymore and carry around a beat up old guitar and sing Bob Dylan songs on the street corner for spare change. Lily could accompany him on the tambourine.

    That would be sweet.

  3. Too funny!! I have wondered that....maybe Destry will let me try that on him...:)

  4. Hehehe! I'm totally gonna call him Hashberry. That's awesome.

    I've already told Steve he's going Vin Deisel if he ever goes bald.

    I tried to get him to keep a Mohawk. He won't go for it. Not even a feaux-hawk.

    Someday I will have a son...and he will live out my man-do dreams.

  5. Little does Amy know that hair comes from the mothers father.. And Howard was bald. Combover and all... just for this picture... I'm going Combover!

  6. That mother's father thing is just a myth.

    My dad's mom's dad was bald...and my dad has a full head of hair.

    If you do a comb-over...I'm going butch.


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