out with the old, in with the new

So, 2009...we finally meet. Good. I've been waiting. But before we dive into you, let's look back at the rest of December....

I'll make it short and sweet.


Lily wanted to try on my glasses. She's the cutest geek on the planet! (She always freaks out if I don't wear my glasses. She knows there's something wrong if they aren't on my face. But they usually are, seeing as how I can't see without them.)

After being in "the city" for 4 days the week before Christmas, I came home only to find that I had more than 8 loads of laundry to do. Yick. The pile began. Lily still wanted to sit and watch t.v. on my bed. (Chelcie, your pants are the star! Thanks again for the use of them. I won't forget them next time we come over.)

I'm only puttin' up one Christmas morning picture cuz, really, it's nothing you haven't seen in other people's pictures. I wanted to show this one cuz I love love love this chef's hat I got for Lily. My aunt Stephanie made it. (You made it right?) And kudos to her. I freakin' LOVE it. It's the cutest chef's hat I've ever seen. It even fits me...so I may have to steal it when I'm feeling all professionally.

Lily likes to help unload the dishwasher. Has for as long as we've lived here and she could walk. This was a "cup tower" she was especially proud of.

My mom gave Lily this boa for Christmas. It's the brightest color of green I've ever seen and Lily loves the thing.

Now, onto the new year. I'm glad for a new year to come around. To be honest, I wasn't all that crazy about the last one. Eh, half and half. Or maybe I liked it a little more than I hated it, but you know how it is.

Nevertheless, I'm glad 2008 has come to an end. I don't know why really. All that really happened is that we ran out of spaces on the old calender and so they had to make new ones to accommodate it. Everything that happened last year still happened. Everything that I didn't like, everything I did like...it still happened. The changing of calendars doesn't change any of it.

Only the attitude changes. It's the time of feeling like you get a clean slate to redo and make-up and start over and refresh and you actually have hope that life can be better than it has been and YOU can be better than you were. So yeah, I'm glad I get to have that feeling come around once a year, every year...no matter how delusional it may be.

At this point, it's all rainbows and sunshine.

And so it goes...Out with the old, in with the new.


  1. Yeah, I feel that way too. It's like "I can't start anything new until the new year because you can't start in the middle or end of a year because it will ruin it!" I feel the same way about weeks. You should start things on Monday for them to work.

  2. It may be my age, but I still feel like it is still December. This year has rushed by so fast!!!

  3. I like the new year.. Its like after a rain. everything feels fresh.. like you can somehow start anew :) I know you can't but life is all about the way you percieve it to be :) Welcome 2009

  4. In theory I like the idea of the new year... but ultimatly I end up just realizing everything I'm bad at and need to improve on and just end up feeling really bad about myself. It's more overwhelming to me than anything. I'm jealous of your enthusiasm!

  5. I'm baaaaack!! Yay! I love her chefs hat... I want one :) I got a super cute apron, I'll post it soon!

  6. I for one am very glad 2008 is over. What a crap year! This was one for the books.

    If I'm never reminded of it again, it'll be too soon.

    Let's hear it for 2009!

  7. Enthusiasm? What enthusiasm? I would say it's more like...apathy.

    Amen, Dan. Amen.


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