"mama's little baby loves shortin' bread"

Is there anything more attractive than a man in an apron?
(I mean, other than a man in that apron that's actually doing housework...)
I made an apron.
I've been loving the old-fashion aprons that have become popular again.
So, I told Steve to get me some patterns for Christmas.
He did.
And I made my first one.
It's kind of like my "first draft" apron.
I picked the easiest out of the 9 to see if I could actually follow a pattern.
It's nothing fancy, but that fits this girl just fine.

Lucy (as in I Love) had one on just like it the other day
...and you know how excited that made me!I'm in love with this pocket.
I don't know why, for sure. But I love it.
I love it so much, I wanna cuddle up with it in front of a warm & cozy fire and whisper sweet nothings in its ear all night long.

I'm going to start on my next, more elaborate apron today or tomorrow. We'll see if the Apron Gods will shower their goodness on me twice.


  1. I know why you love it. It is freaking huge!

  2. Awesome job! I have yet to attempt to follow a pattern - looks like it smacks of effort. Good on ya for actually doing it! (and well, too!)

  3. (bonnie's comment...)Who doesn't, She's hilarious

  4. If you're gonna make him wear a skirt, you could at least make the thing look like a kilt, complete with sporran and sgian dubh.

    That blue and white ain't manly enough for a Bambi-killin' gunslinger, ya know?

  5. it's a disguise Dan... like if I had a small s10 with a big v8 in it.. I'd have the quietest exhaust you could get... just so I could blow your doors off and leave you stunned..

  6. I once worked with a guy who had a teeny tiny 1989 Dodge Shelby Dakota with a 5.2L (insert manly grunt here) V-8 in it. Man, that little truck was sweet.

    Me likey.

    I would totally muffle a sleeper truck like that.

  7. (bonnie's and tami's comments...) hahahahahahahaha!

    Thanks Maxine!

    Leave it to you guys to turn a post about an apron into a crotch-scratchin'-lougie-spittin'-my-truck-is-better-than-your-truck-grunt-fest.

  8. I'll get back to the apron...I love it! I made a few aprons last year from a simple sewing book I bought and it was soo fun! I can't wait to see #2.

  9. I wanna see what they look like. You should email me pictures.

  10. You should sew an BBQ apron for Steve made from natural-colored ripstop cloth with a bunch of big, heavy pockets like those found in Army BDU's, with loops for various spatulas, tongs, and forks, a pocket for a navaja, a small strap with a tek-lok buckle for hanging a hand towel, and a chest pouch for spice and squeeze bottles when going from the BBQ to the kitchen.

    That would be awesome.

    I want one, too. It'd keep me from getting oil spatters and spaghetti sauce on my shirts.

  11. I want one!! I mean, Spencer bought me the cutest one for christmas, but I need one to wear while that one is in the wash... hint hint... my birthday is 6 months away!!

  12. I just made another one and it's way cuter than this one...

  13. We don't want cute! We want an apron that mocks the stains from greasy meat and BBQ sauce!

    Show us a man's apron, Amster.

  14. I Love Aprons! I feel silly when the family comes over and I am wearing one, But even if I put a hot dog in the microwave riley hands me my apron and says "mommy cooks" :)

  15. Show me a man, and I'll show you the apron.


    Just kidding.

    Manly aprons are NOT fun to make. I haven't made one...but I'm pretty certain in that assessment.


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