Biggest Loser

That's what Vicki is. And I don't mean it in a nice or encouraging way. I hate this woman. If there was ever a woman to hate on reality t.v...it is her. I hope LOTS of saturated fats and empty calories are in her future. There will be cursing and the stank-eye if she wins.


  1. LOL, I Totally agreee!!! I hate her! She is soooo mean and rude! & SHe doesnt even seem to care about her kids or hubby, just about winning and kicking the other team off! She makes me mad :( I hope she gains weight instead... Maybe she was nicer when she was FAT, I know allot of people like that.. I enjoy being fat :) & Happy & Nice

  2. I have a feeling she's a crotchety horrible person fat or not fat.

    And I hope Ed gets voted on to be in the finale. Heba is SO freakin' annoying! Her and Vicki are a beautiful match.

    Plus...Ed doesn't seem to do THAT well in weigh ins. Maybe it'll give Michelle a little advantage.

    BLUE TEAMS SUCKS BUTT! (as always)

  3. Ok, so.. wanna do a challenge with me :) We can do the next biggest loser together!! :) woohoo.. Its starts in january and we will have someone to check in with :) each other! unless one of us gets preggo then we will call it quits. up for it? :)


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