Aaaargh, Matey!

Halloween was a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG dang day.

At 3:30, Lily and I hit Main Street where they have all the businesses come out and give candy. Main is the only street here with stop lights...and then it turns into the highway on the way out of town. There were so many people out for this. The only other place where I've seen that large volume of people in the Basin is at Walmart (half-hour away) on a Saturday!
So that took about an hour and a half.

As soon as that was over, we went home, grabbed Steve and headed to our church building for the Trunk-or-Treat. I had taken 3 bags of candy to hand out from my trunk, and it was gone in 5 minutes!

I got a tip from a girl in my ward for next year...take one bowl of crappy candy for people I don't know (who are obviously just coming off the street to mooch candy), and one bowl of the good stuff--candy bars--for the people I know.
Then we ate chili inside.
In all, it took about another hour and a half.
From there, we drove a total of 20 seconds to Steve's parent's neighborhood and did some actual trick-or-treating. Lily loved it. She got down the "Trick-or-treat!" "Happy Halloween!" and "Thank you!" by the time we finished. That was another 45 minutes, hour.

Pretty packed evening...but we had good time. Lily's finally at the age where things like this are just as much for her as for us. Although, for now, the candy is still mostly for us :) We began the bargaining as soon as we got home..."I get all the Crunches and KitKats...and you can have all the Reeses and Butterfinger..." (For a man that hates peanut butter, he sure does like it in candy form.) "Okay, but I also get the Milky Ways..." "Only if I get all the 3 Mustketeers. And we SHARE the Snickers."

Of course, Lily will get her share. She lays claim to the DumDums and Smarties. The kid made the cutest dang pirate girl I've ever seen!
This is Steve's baby...our jack-o-lantern snowman. After a few days outside, it's now our bitter-beer-face-jack-o-lantern.

And just because I like her so much...her are some more recent shots of my flower...

Coloring under a stool...
Modeling our first attempts at rag-curls...
...probably shoulda taken some "after" pictures...maybe next time.

Lily and mamma Loo...
Lily and Taylee...
Playing dress-up...
**Attention: Someone that lives with Mom...she wanted to see Lily's Halloween pictures...show her please! Thanks, bye.

Now. On to NOVEMBER!


  1. I'll make sure mom sees them. Cute

  2. Amy you do such a good job with her!! She looks adorable!!!! I miss her so much. I can't wait for the day when we can all live close.

    Yes, I learned very early with the people that trick or treated to keep two bowls, one for the people I knew with the good stuff, and one with the crappy stuff, well, tootsie rolls, gum drops.

    Steve good job with the snow man!!!

  3. Oh she is soooo cute!! LOve her hair! I miss her!!

    Tootsie rolls are NOT crappy candy! Gum drops, yes.

  4. You did it! You found a really cute pirate girl costume! But it helps that the kiddo is completely adorable! I love the pumpkins steve! How creative, we didnt get amy dum dum's I forgot about those. :)

  5. She is adorable!! My little one was a pirate too! :)

  6. She is one dang cute pirate!! Love it!

  7. Amy, will you please add Drew and Megan to the front page of the Dunlap Dispatch. I am not sure how to do it. Thanks


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