Political Ponderings

This post won't be up long seeing as how it leaves a bad taste in my mouth...it is not endearing or beautiful or even all that interesting.

Here's what I've been thinking about...and I don't think politically correct.

--Why are all the black people acting like this is only their victory? Like Obama is their president?...there to set them free?...free at last, free at last, God Almighty, they are free at last. Gag me.

--Which brings me to my next point...Why is everyone saying how Obama broke down the barriers? Hello? What barriers? Last I checked, there were no barriers. The dude was already a senator. There were no people picketing the White House saying they didn't want a "black president"...FYI, Obama is only half black anyway! As far as I could tell, the only opposition was the guy running against him. And even McCain did a horrible job at that. Barrack's been as privileged and pompous as any rich white guy.

--Why is it that only black people seem to be the ones stuck on this race thing? Yeah, you're black? So what? Move on! They blame everything on it. So what, you're ancestors were slaves! So what, they were treated badly...so were MY ancestors! You don't see me crying about it everyday, making it an excuse for me to be a leach on the system. They were never slaves! I was never a slave owner! Stop whining about something that happened 2 centuries ago! You're the only ones still hung up on it.

--While I'm on it...WHY, OH, WHY are we still talking about freakin Hurricane Katrina!!! WHY! This is probably more annoying to me than any other news topic of my time! WHY!?!?!?!?! Why are people still acting like it was the bombing of Hiroshima!! And even THAT became old news after a while. If God wanted to destroy New Orleans, let's just call it a day and MOVE ON! And I know what some of you with bleeding hearts will say, "You weren't there. You don't know what those people went through. You didn't have everything you own destroyed." And I say, you're right...I know better than to live at sea level NEXT TO THE OCEAN! And some of these fruities, saying, "We will rebuild!" Fine. Go ahead and rebuild and when Katrina's sister wipes you out again, you have no one to blame but yourself, although I'm sure you will blame your country again. It's amazing how the government controls God's rage. To Oprah, Extreme Home Makover, Brangelina, Harry Connick, Jr., and the many other do-gooders...STOP MAKING IT THE BIGGEST PROBLEM IN OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!! Give your millions of dollars to something worse saving! Not to a city that was a breeding ground for STDs and greed. Most of it was already going to crap anyway! It happened 3 freakin' years ago! I don't want to hear about it anymore!

--This one is directed at those who voted for Obama. I am genuinely curious about this, and I've been wondering for a while...how did you get passed the issue of Reverend Wright? How can you make it okay in your head to vote for someone who sat and listened to an anti-American preacher for 20 years?! I'm truly curious. I'm making peace with the fact that he's going to be president and I just hope that things aren't going to be as bad as expected. But that "little" area of his life is something I cannot make peace with. Shouldn't the person who's president be 100% true-blue American? Someone who has patriotism running through his blood? I'm not saying McCain was a better man for the job, but I least I know he's never had ties with the bad guys.

--Oprah's gonna be screwed by Obama's tax "cut."

--I like Oprah.

--If Obama is so "for the people"...how come everyone who makes their living from the oil fields out here where I live are so afraid they won't have a job after he takes office? We're people. Does this mean, I'll have to go on welfare and get me some of that "redistributed wealth?" Awesome. I hope I get a little of Oprah's.

--I guess Seal and Heidi Klum won't be leaving the country now. What a load off my shoulders.

--What's the worst that can happen in 4 years?

--I wish Bill Clinton would succumb to some fatal disease...and take with him Jesse Jackson and Nancy Pelosi.

--This whole electoral college deal needs reworked. Then again, if it hadn't been in place, Al Gore would have been president. That thought is more horrendous than...well...most things I can think of...except global warming, of course.

--I couldn't give a flying rats behind how this country looks to the rest of the world. And I couldn't give a flying rats behind about why I should care.

--Why is capitalism looked down on so harshly? You work hard for your money, I'll work hard for mine. I don't want to live anywhere that even remotely resembles China or Russia.

--I'm not heartless...I just don't want to get screwed over while illegals or people who are just plain lazy get my tax dollars. Some people prefer the welfare way of life cuz it's easier and you sure get taken care of when you have a sob story. Even if it's not legit. Sure, most people need some help now and then...but that doesn't mean you stop trying to improve your situation just cuz it's "easier" to get all things free from the government and church. There REALLY needs to be some kind of time limit on government aid.

--If he does nothing else, which is always a possibility, I hope Obama does away with "No Child Left Behind" before Lily enters kindergarten. She shouldn't have to dummy down.

--When Andrew Jackson was in office, he was called "Jackass" and liked it so much, it became the mascot for the Democratic party. I don't know the anecdote for Republicans, but with it being and elephant, I can't assume it's a flattering story.

--The only time our country was ever debt free was when Andrew Jackson was president.

--They should start having co-presidents...one from each party.

--They should do away with parties. Then people would actually have to do research on the candidates instead of automatically agreeing with the one their affiliated with.

--I swear some people voted for Obama just so they could see a black president in their lifetime. Potato, patatoe. If I never see a woman president in my lifetime, I shall not loss any sleep over it.

--I wish the Obama could get a priesthood blessing.

--I wish the Rocky Mountain states could secede from the Union...California is not invited.

--I hope one day, there will be a president that everyone likes. Now THAT'S something I would love to see in my lifetime...a landslide victory.

--Was it just me or did Obama's speech last night sound more like he'd won an Oscar than the presidency? Maybe all the celebrities in the audience threw him off.

--Still don't know what the "CHANGE" is. But it better be good.

It's over and done. Time to hope for the best...and that the pit in my stomach will go away.

I hate talking about politics.


  1. Bra-VO! Yeah! I also want to know how people could vote for a man who is friends with terrorists....Oh well...we have at least four years...blah...

  2. But hey, at least Prop 8 passed. Barely. And people are already sueing and protesting to the supreme court. Bring on the lynch mobs!

  3. That was quite a soapbox, and was nothing but the truth.

    Except that you like Oprah. How anybody could like that horrid dyke family-killing communist POS and her boot-licking acolyte Doctor Mustache, I'll never know.

    Other than that, I'll just say,"Yeah, what she said" and leave it at that.

    Good rant. Makes me want to stand on a street corner and scream it out like the town crier.

  4. I'm actually pretty shocked that Prop 8 passed. I mean, it's California...San Fran and Hollywood...I thought it was a given that it'd be shot down with flying colors of the rainbow.

    I can't help myself liking Oprah. I don't love everything she says or does...but there are plenty of things she does that I'm all for--like paying people $100,000 of her own money to turn in pedophiles that are "on the run."

  5. Yeah that was long! With the Wright thing... That's not ALL he ever preached I'm sure and most people don't agree 100% with their preachers. I think his serving the community and desire to be in goverment shows more patriotism then his preacher having issues.
    And he's not friends with terrorists. He worked on a committee for a few years with one. I don't think anyone ever has control over who they work with. I know I never did and I certainly wasn't friends with people I worked with simply because we were co-workers.

    I think the reasons black people being so emotional is probably more obvious down here. There is still quite a bit of racism, even here, and we aren't too "South"... but I never would have thought living in Utah that there is as much as there is still.
    I'm with you on the slavery thing though. Civil rights and segregation and stuff sure, wasn't that long ago. But I never had slaves, I shouldn't have it held against me.

    And I'm totally with you on the time limit for welfare. Except in the case of mental illness treatment and disability... but I think most case workers can pick out who's taking advantage of the system and report them and then they should have a time limit set. The problem with "assistance programs" is that no one can agree on what's "bad enough" for help and what's not. And no one would agree on what an appropraite time limit is. Like my sister drives me nuts. She's mentally ill and needs medication, which she does get free. But she uses the mental illness as an excuse to never do anything and doesn't have to pay rent or anything. On her meds she's perfectly capable, but a lot of people with her disease aren't and sifting out who's capable and who's not is really hard to do. But I also don't think her choice to be a slug is the systems fault, because the system is needed by so many that can't function in society like she could.
    All these things are pretty complicated and I think all parties (I know you hate parties) should start working more out.

    And New Orleans is BELOW sea level!! I feel the same way towards people who live on cliffs and then are shocked when they have a mudslide and their house goes with it... duh!

    And I like Oprah too, because she does try to get people out there to help fix stuff, not just sit around.

  6. okay my comment was way longer then I thought! Sorry, guess I shoulda just emailed you!

  7. "--They should do away with parties. Then people would actually have to do research on the candidates instead of automatically agreeing with the one their affiliated with."

    Yes indeed. Make parties go away! This way, the people who actually care about what the candidates think will vote. Only informed voters please. I am SICK of SHEEP!

  8. Amen, amen, amen. I agree whole heartedly :) thanks for writing it so I dont have to.

  9. HI! I was in your husband's mission and was blog hoping off facebook. (Hope that isn't creepy!) I must say that both my husband and I LOVED this post! Thanks for saying everything I was thinking!

  10. Amen sister! So many fabulous points, I don't know where to begin. It will be interesting seeing how the next 4 years play out.


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