I've been a lazy blogger lately...nevertheless, we've been busy.

So, the following 3 or 4 are posts that I should have been posting throughout this month, but didn't get around to.

This is a fun time of year. This is when the baking starts and the weight gain begins. This is when it's finally o.k. to take REALLY long, HOT showers in the morning. This is when the "winterizing" begins. This is the time of year I feel really bad for not tipping waiters, (I know, Casey. I know.)

I decided to start painting a holiday picture with Lily every holiday. There's a bare spot on our living room wall that I've never liked, so that is where they will hang...until I rearrange again, which is inevitable...I am my mother's daughter.

The handprints are my favorite part.

We made some really good butter sugar cookies. I'm always on the lookout for good sugar cookies cuz your run-if-the-mill sugar cookie taste like flour and is just overall pretty bland. These have a really good flavor. They're from America's Test Kitchen. And you know if it's from them, it's definitely worth making. The dough has a little cream cheese in it, which I think makes all the difference. It's really easy to work with. If anyone wants it, let me know and I'll email it to you.
I made some vanilla and chocolate buttercream frosting to go on top. I discovered buttercream frosting is NOT good without something underneath to cut the butter flavor. It's literally like eating chocolate butter. But ON the cookie, it's really good.


  1. Amy I am Always looking for a good sugar cookie recipe. I have one that has sour cream, but would like to try yours. Send it to me please.

  2. Both the one you painted and the ones of Lily. She is so cute and I really miss her.

  3. Amy, bring chocolate frosting cookies with you next Friday

  4. Look who's quite the little artist! And your picture wasn't too bad, either. Ha. Ha. Ha. Seriously, I had no idea you were so talented - what fun! And yes, I'd love the recipe for the cookies if you don't mind (I'm always looking for a good, soft sugar cookie).

  5. AHHH!! You have to tip them silly! lol, your nuts. I love the winter stuff! :) & the cookies look yummy

  6. I will tip them...if they earn it. After all, isn't it a gratuity? I'm not just going to hand out extra money if they suck.

    I'll post the recipe.

    Jeremy, I'll make something while we're there...I just made some pumpkin chocolate chip bread that melts in my mouth.


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