"That Which Doesn't Kill You, Makes You Wanna Die."

I've had a houseplant for 5 years. I bought it right after I got married. It started out really small--maybe 5 inches up and around. I don't know if I've ever particularly liked it. I mean...It's a houseplant. I've just kinda kept it around out of sentiment...of which I have oodles of. I even tried naming it once, but it didn't feel right. The plant has traveled along with us through our many moves. It now sits atop our computer amoire.

A few weeks ago, I was strangely panicked as I looked up and saw this... What the heck?!

What did I do?!

What happened to my baby?! (When did I become so attached to it that I would refer to it as "my baby"?!)

I climbed on a chair and looked in the pot. The soil had shriveled up so much that the only way to describe it is that it looked like a raisin. Raisin soil. Brick hard. I was ashamed. I felt such guilt. Was I that neglectful? I couldn't recall when I'd last watered it. Surely I'd gone longer without watering it before!

I began to pour cups and cups of water into the pot. It didn't seem to be soaking any of the water up. Had it had lost the ability to drink?! Was it that far gone?

I poured as much water in as it could hold and decided the rest was up to the plant...and I walked away.

A week or so later, I looked up and beheld this...
Wha, wha, what!?!?

A flower?! I didn't even know it was possible for houseplants to flower...especially this one. Never had before. I was beautiful!

My plant has taught me a valuable lesson...the old adage is true..."That which doesn't kill you, makes you stronger." Throughout my life, when this phrase has come up, the eye-roll usually follows, and then an urge to level whoever it was that said it. Who wants to hear such wisdom in times when you're up to your neck in crap? Certainly not me.

But my plant...my dear plant. I almost let it die. It was on Death's doorstep, knocking LOUD. Then...a little love, a little hope...and a flower comes forth and the leaves were reaching for the sky. What a fighter.

Many times in life, you face things that seem impossible to overcome. It's like your life-source is completely shut off and you can't feel help coming from anywhere. You wonder if it will ever come back. You wonder if you've been abandoned. You wonder why no one loves you. You think it'd just be easier to give in and let it overtake you.

Then, from out of nowhere...a proverbial a drink of water--A small gesture...Someone reaches out...Or maybe you take a walk and see the sun setting and you notice how incredibly beautiful it is...a feeling of complete peace settles over you and you know someone is watching over you and you're not all on your own to face the hard stuff. Somehow, you know everything will be okay, even if it's not right now.

Eventually, you fight through it. And you emerge...more spectacular than before.


  1. Amy I wish we could all look at life's little lessons and see them as you do.

  2. There's a lesson to learn from everything...right?

  3. That story made me laugh so hard, I almost peed a little...

  4. AHHH, what a good lesson :) & your poor plant.. I have never had a houseplant that flowered before!!!.... oh.. wait.. I have never had a houseplant :P

  5. Jeremy! I love that movie!! Soo.... you frequent chick flicks often?? :)


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