A Hunting We Did Go

Here, buck, buck, buck...

Lily and I went up the mountain to be Steve's lookouts while he hunted deer. We had to get up way too early for a Saturday. Although, I did get a rare treat--an egg McMuffin. I'm usually not up in time to ever get one of those.

Steve had one week to get a deer. It only took one day.

Now I know exactly what I would look like if I had been born a boy...I love my (Steve's) camo pants!
And here we are...leaning...
This is Steve slicin' and dicin' up his trophy of the day.
A few days later, I got to taste deer for the first time. It was then I learned, I hate deer meat. At least in its fleshy, meaty form. Deer jerky, on the other hand, is awesome! We have two large pots marinating away in the fridge as we speak. (The West Jordan Dunlaps will all get a taste soon.)

Through it all, I realized I hate the process. I don't like knowing where my meat comes from or what happens to it between the slaughter and the meat counter at the grocery store. Ignorance is delicious bliss.



  2. Nothing like a tasty meat snack that you killed yourself.

    I love animals that are full of meat.

  3. Remember when we thought that if you were born a boy you'd look like Lance Bass?

  4. ewe!!! Poor Bambie! :( I am so sad.. My heart is broken.. I am pretending that is not deer, that it is.... soy deer :) Yay

  5. Haha, oh yeah Bonnie. Still true.

    Don't cry for the deer, Casey. It would have died from famine or disease anyway. At least this way, we get some nice jerky out of the deal.

    All animals are here for the consumption of man. Except dogs. I'm still not convinced of that one.


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