"Your Handwriting Says What?"

Steve and I did this "quiz" while he was home for lunch today. It's from Real Simple magazine--taken from The Complete Idiot's Guide to Handwriting Analysis. It was as good a waste of time as anything else. I have about 5 different styles of writing though...so who knows what it would say if I did it with a diff style.

Step 1: Write the following sentence on a piece of paper.

"I know that this is a true sample of my handwriting."

Then sign your name. (Since I'm Paranoid Percy, I blacked our's out...They're always watching...)

Step 2: Answer the following questions.

1. Which best describes your style of writing?
a. Print, with breaks between most letters.
b. Cursive. Letters are almost all connected and fluid.
c. A mix of both. Some letters are connected; others stand alone.

Strict printing could mean you have a hard time forming attachments. This was mine--not so true. I had a sad, sad day when my first car, Bailey, was towed away. I still miss him!--Steve rolls his eyes at me. Super-connected cursive means you hold on tight emotionally; intellectually you are logical but inflexible. A mix can imply originality.

2. Look at the tops of the letters l and h and the last strokes of the letters m and n. They:
a. Slant heavily to the left.
b. Slant heavily to the right.
c. Are fairly straight or lean slightly to the right.

Slanting represents your gut reaction. A heavy left slant is rare but means your emotions are probably suppressed. Heavy to the right? You cry at the drop of a hat. I think I'm somewhere in between slight and heavy right slant. Either way, I don't particularly think I'm well-balanced. Straight or a slight right slant is well-balanced.

3. Look at the vowels and the letters m and n. How big are they?
a. Tiny. Shorter than the height of a sunflower seed.
b. Whoa! Definitely taller than the height of a sunflower seed.
c. About the height of a sunflower seed.

We're talking ego here. The earth might revolve around you (big letters), or perhaps you're focused and less social (tiny). Just the size of a sunflower seed? You enjoy the spotlight, but it's not all about you. Depends on the crowd for me.

4. Turn to the opposite side of the page. Can you feel the imprint of your handwriting sample?
a. Not a bit. Carbon copies never work--I write so gently.
b. It's like Braille on the other side!
c. I can see it, but the amount of pressure I used seems normal.

The paper=the world. Heavy pressure can mean you're asserting yourself in it. We're talking peeks and valleys here! I need a nap and a good non-alcoholic whiskey. Very light pressure may mean you turn frustration inward. Pressure is just right? You can speak up and show restraint.

5. Compared with the width of m, the spaces between words are:
a. Smaller than the width of my m.
b. Larger than the width of my m.
c. Almost exactly the width of my m.

Spacing reflects social boundaries. Those close talkers? Definitely right writing. Large spaces mean you keep your distance. Spacing is also about organization. Perfect spacers probably own a label maker....Steve's exact quote was, "I thought of you when I read that." It's true.

6. The tops of the letters o and a are:
a. Connected and closed, every time.
b. Wide open, like little mouths.
c. Mostly closed, but with the occasional space here and there.

If you a's and o's are wide open, your mouth probably is, too. What you think, you say. Closed letters mean you maintain privacy. You may talk a lot, but you don't reveal much. Mine are always closed. Very closed. Couldn't be more closed. I don't feel everyone wants to know too much. A mix is good--you share just enough.

7. What best describes you signature?
a. It's completely illegible. What is that, a daisy? With a tail?
b. It's lovely, but looks nothing like my normal handwriting.
c. It's more stylish, but is has similarities to my normal handwriting.

This is how you show yourself to the world. If your signature is illegible, you need privacy and hide your true self. If it's different from your normal writing, you may not show who you really are to people. Again, personally, I don't think people want to know everything...unless they probe deeper, I usually don't give it up. Signature similar to your handwriting? What you see is what you get.


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  2. I realized my previous post didn't make sense...Let me try again...sigh...I had another 5am moment, and my brain is doing belly flops.
    That quiz was really accurate! I think I might post it on my blog. You know, it's fun to hear you think, Amy! When us girls would hang out, you wouldn't say much, but one thing you did say stuck with me and it makes me laugh every time I think of it! I hadn't hung out with girls for a long time, and you and I decided to do something, and I asked "So, what do girls do? Should we go to the mall?" And without skipping a beat you said "I would rather chew my foot off." LOL! You are so great!

  3. I must'a done it wrong. The analysis was totally false.

  4. Haha, Dara. That sounds like something I would've said. The mall is so...destinational. It baffles me still that people dress up like they're going to prom just to go to the mall.

    I always enjoyed listening to you girls talk about your current men-of-the-hour. It'd make me laugh...and be grateful. I never did like talking about my own though. I blame my family. :)

    And Dan. I'm sure you did it wrong...cuz this is the exact test the FBI uses.

  5. HEHEEH. I am sure you thought all of us were crazy. There was Michelle in love with Dallas, and Paulos, and there was Leslie in love with Mike Schadel, and Dan Capel, and me liking anything male that talked to me...sigh...LOL! You were smart not to get involved. :D

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