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Lily and I went to S.L.C. for a few days this week. While there, we went to Sam's--which is a must when hitting the big city. Now, I don't care for people while I'm shopping in general. They're just annoying and rude...and some of them smell. But this particular day, I was in a hurry to get the shopping over with.

As I turned into the baking isle, there was a lady blocking the isle. Come on now. This is Sam's where the isles are friggin' huge! You have to be an extra special kind of butthead to block an entire isle by yourself. Her annoying body was blocking the right side of it while her big Sam's cart blocked the left side. I stood there for a second, waiting for her to move slightly one way or another...and when she did, I tried to zip past her. Then she did one of those I'm-oblivious-to-the-rest-of-the-world moves and stopped dead in her tracks which caused me to have to stop quick--jamming the handle of the cart into my ribs. She got one of those stupid, "Oh, was I in your way?" looks, said "Sorry", and moved. I pushed my cart passed her with a very irritated look on my face...might have even rolled my eyes. And as if I didn't hear her first half-crapped apology, she said it again louder and almost with a question mark at the end. I did not forgive her. She was almost mad at me for not saying, "Oh, it's okay your big-fat-isle-hogging butt thinks you're the only shopper at this fine store today. Really, it's my fault for choosing this isle while you were still using it. MY apologies. Here's my phone number. Call me so we can get together and skip through fields of sunflowers and bake biscotti while listening to Celine Dion!"

My question is, how did this lady get the right to be annoyed at me for not saying anything to her "I'm sorry." Is this not a free country? (Yes, I realize I just contradicted myself.) Am I not allowed to be rude? Who dictates whether or not I have to be polite when bated? Whatever happened to the Golden Rule?

If I was in La-la Land while the rest of the world was trying to get around me, I would fully expect people would not like me. I will even join in on the self-bashing when needed. Like, the other day as I was driving in Provo, I cut someone off cuz 1. I was on the phone and 2. I wasn't paying attention because of reason one and 3. I was about to get on the freeway unintentionally and had to get over quick. After cutting the guy off and completely avoiding eye contact, I gave myself a proper lashing..."Stupid moron! You're an idiot! Pay attention! Get off the phone!"

So how come I have to be polite to others who are clearly morons? Back in the old days, I would have just pulled out my shiny firearm and shot the ladies foot off. She wouldn't have even had time to be appalled at my disdain for her big-fat-isle-hogging butt.

I realize politeness has it's place in our society--it's what separates us from the Middle East and Hollywood--but so does being able to let people now you are NOT happy with their meager existence.

(In all fairness to this woman, she was neither fat nor old...but nonetheless annoying.)

On a completely different note:

Movies: This past week I saw Hellboy 2 and Hancock...both good movies worth seeing. In case you need a suggestion. Dan...I need more insight into Hellboy's stone hand and why does he have pretty decorations in his skin?

I also saw Catch & Release...S.t.u.p.i.d. That 2 hours could be better spent doing something else...like, not watching Catch & Release.

Vantage Point was also kind of...eh. About a half-hour in, you realize it's going to irritate you cuz they retell the same story 5 times from a different character's point of view.

There's a new trailer HERE for Twilight, in case you haven't seen it. I think this is the one movie ever that I would actually wait in a really long line for. (Bonnie, where's the picture that makes you uncomfortable:) Nevermind, I think I found it...it's kind of strangely ugly. They could've done better. Is that the one you're talking about?)

Books: I'm still on the fence about The Host. I've been reading it for 3 months now and I'm only half-way through. It's a good book, just doesn't hold my focus like the Twilight books do. I would definitely check it out from the library or borrow it, but I probably wouldn't buy it again if I had the choice. I've heard that once you're half-way through it becomes one of those can't-put-it-down books...so we'll see.

The Host will probably take a back seat for the next month or so while I do some re-reading...I need to be ready for Breaking Dawn in two weeks. Yipee!

T.V.: This season of Last Comic Standing...not that funny. Bummer.

I'm still catching up on past seasons of The Office. We're currently at the episodes where the Scranton Branch has "absorbed" the other one (I forget). Someone tell me that the chick Jim is "kind of seeing" goes away soon...? Obviously he gets together with Pam at some point...I'm just hoping it's sooner rather than later so all can be right in the world again.

Baby Borrowers is funny. It just reaffirms the idea that teenagers are, in fact, dumb. I hope by the time Lily is a teenager, they have evolved into something I can work with...and stand.

You know what I often wonder? When will Jon & Kate get sick of the cameras? Will we still be watching them when the 8 are going through puberty? I hope so. Their's makes my life look like a breeze.


  1. I seriously love ya!! You are too funny! I agree with everything you said, however, I feel bad when I am rude to someone, no matter how bad they deserve it!! I need to grow a pair I guess!!
    Hell boy? Never would've pictured you to be that kinda girl, and I've known ya for 17-ish years!!
    And Jon and Kate... she is rude, but amazing... I wish sometimes that I was her. My house would be cleaner, the kids would have more activities, and well, lets face it, I'd be skinny with a tummy tuck!!

  2. You are a riot. Just what I needed to read tonight. I'm so with you on butt hogging isle lady. What a freak! I've totally had that experience and you put it perfectly into words.

    I'm jealous you got to see a bunch of movies. I can't remember the last time I went to the movie theater for a new release (Wed free kid movies don't count).

  3. lol, your a dork :) but I love you. I agree, I am sooo super nice to everyone! even when they are mean to me. I always say "excuse me" & " I am sorry" :P & no one ever says a thing back just & i dont even run into people I just walk by them, oh well. Now I want to ready that stupid book twilight & I agree the last comic standing stinks this season & what movie is catch & release? I forgot

  4. Catch & Release has Jennifer Garner (who I normally love) in it...her fiance dies before the movie starts...? It was just bleh and the main love interest is creepy and gross.

    I've been getting to see movies thanks to Steve and other family people who will watch Lily. There's no way I would want to go to a movie with her. I can chase after her at home for free.

    I'm not really a comic booky kind of person...but I like the movies the make from them. Iron Man was REALLY good, I thought...there's another one you all should see. And Hellboy is different than I was expecting. I thought it'd be darker cuz Hellboy is a demon...but he's a funny, loveable demon.

    Casey, get with the program! You do have to read those books. Then you can be obsessing about it with the rest of us.

    I have to admit that Kate has inspired me to be more interactive with Lily during the day. I figure, if she can do projects with her brood on a regular basis--I should be able to do them with one lone child...do I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a bunch of things to do. (50% off sale!)

  5. I think isle hoggers should be shot. Just my opinion. And, no offence, people who talk on their cell phones while driving. I just want to grab them by the shoulders, shake them, and shout "WHY ARE YOU TAKING MY LIFE INTO YOUR HANDS!????" Of course, I have no room to talk..I text while I am driving. Look out OREM!

  6. Catch and release was a total waste of time (in my opinion). I kind of figured it would be within the first 10 minutes with the funeral scene.

    Hannah said you HAVE to finish the Host. It will take you a while to get into, but it is well worth it. When I was working at DB I had people coming in and saying the same thing.

    I know what you mean about people at the stores. I have gotten much bolder in my old age, maybe a bit too much like grandpa and will voice my opinion loudly under my breath and then they get the hint. It may be rude, but it makes me feel better.

    We went to see Batman this weekend. Hannah and Bec have quite the thing for Christian Bale. It was pretty good. I do want to see Mama Mia. Jeremy and I will have to go see that together though because Alan and Chelcie just can't get into it.

    Amy I love your comments. You are the one who keeps us all going.

    Love Marie

  7. okay...i had to laugh so hard about the isle hogger! i hate it that people are so rudely oblivious...actually i hate it more when people are rude INTENTIONALLY! holy crap! we were at costco on saturday and were waiting in the check out line. there is an older guy ahead of us...about the average age of any prescottonian about 60ish...and i am guessing he was one of those higher uppidy class guys that are so much better than everyone else (i can bet you a million dollars that he did indeed reside in actual prescott as opposed to one of the surrounding cities) anyway he had his belongings on the belt thingy waiting to be rung up (there was a guy ahead of him that was being checked out at the time) and there was about 4 inches left on the belt after the divider. troy got a couple of things out and we were waiting for the belt to move so we had more room. (mind you i was actually in a pleasant mood especially for feeling like a load of crap) and as we were waiting i had noticed there was a good 6 inch or more gap like he had grouped his items (like two separate purchases. i didn't think anything of it...we do that all the time when we need things rung up on 2 separate accounts. no biggie....untill he looks at us and moves a larger item (a package of laundry soap) from his first grouping into the 6 inch gap. what the heck....like we were gonna TOUCH his stuff to move them over??! actually the thought never even occured to me! but as i sat there now appauled at the rudeness of this guy he took me for someone who WOULD do that tp someone else! it ticked me off!! i mean i woulda ASKED the guy first if i was going to...i mean he really MIGHT have had two orders....but as he sat there acting like he suddenly owned the conveyer belt it just made me want to take one of my kids and have them sneeze all over him. (he looked someone who would be highly offended by someone like that)

    okay...sorry, enough ranting!

    i love you amy!!

  8. Seriously stay out of Texas where most people actually are the size of the whole isle! It does get really annoying. Don't get me wrong, I know I'm no twig, but I HATE getting behind a family of 3-4 that are all the size of half the isle walking 1/2 a mile an hour right in the way... not to mention TRYING to get to the samples around these people!
    And yes, Last Comic is not funny this time... I couldn't believe the judges sent through 1/2 the poeple they did... so disapointing.

  9. I know...the lesbian from last season came back for this season again and they didn't even send her through. She's so freakin hilarious. I hope she tries again next year.

    We know well about the people who take up 1/2 the isle all by themselves...there are a lot of Indians around here.

    Christina, you reminded me of something when you were talking about the guy's laundry soap and your stuff touching his. I had to laugh. You know how when there aren't any divider thingies and so you just give the person's stuff in front of you a good amount of space so the cashier won't be confused...but then the stupid cashier pushes the belt-button too long and all the stuff squishes into each other? That happened to me Saturday and I totally get anxiety about the people's stuff squishing into mine. I hate it when people touch my stuff. Yes, I know everything is brand new and at that point in the shopping experience, nobody technically owns ANYthing yet...but still.

    Marie, I'm trying to get a visual of Jeremy actually going to see Mama Mia. It'd be interesting to know the percentage of males that actually go see that movie. I think it looks good, but I love musicals...and I'm female.

  10. Jeremy wants to see Mamma Mia?!

    Alright boy, you just lost a Man Card.

    Amy, as far as Hellboy is concerned, I could try to explain things in a brief paragraph or two, but thankfully, someone at Wikipedia already did all the heavy lifting. Google Hellboy and go to the Wiki entry. They have all the info you want on Hellboy's bio and The Right Hand of Doom.

    The comic history is quite a bit different from the movies. The comic is better, but I love Guillermo del Toro's visual movie-making style.

    Going to see Hellboy 2 tomorrow.

  11. Haha...The Right Hand of Doom. That sounds awfully dramatic.

  12. I tried my best to explain to Amy about Hellboys hand... DURING the movie...(She tripped her way over to the end of the isle where I was sitting and asked me to explain it then).

    The new trailer for Twilight came on during The Dark Knight and Tami actually wanted to see it again just for the trailer.

    Jeremy is a woman and you really shouldn't be surprised he wants to see it... even though it's one of the best movies ever made. (Yes I've seen it and already knew every word to every song)(ABBA ROCKS!)

    After the incident in Sams Club, I was afraid to talk to Amy. She was UUuuuuuuupset...

  13. Hahaha. You're funny.

    You liked Mama Mia?! I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

    How dare you see a Twilight trailer without me! We still have a date for 12-8...or whatever day it is. Maybe it's the 12th.


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