The Past Week

This was something I never thought I'd see. Steve and Lily during High Tea. You see, Steve is a hunter-gatherer...a manly man...enjoys greasin' it up in a car engine and eatin' steak while it's still bleeding. So, this was hysterical.

He had to show her how to properly drink "tea"...pinky's always out...
I was not invited..."Leave, mommy! Go away!" She'll want me back. They always do.

This was a very exciting arrival yesterday. I've wanted a KitchenAid mixer for ages! Ages!!!!!! My feet got a little sweaty and my heart sped up as I opened the box! Ahhhh, tis a thing of beauty. If Lily hadn't been watching, I may have kissed it. We christened it by making some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. (And by "we," I mean, I made them and Steve ate them.) I can tell I'm going to have some special times with this mixer.

(I feel it's important to say...Never eat 10 pumpkin chocolate chip cookies right before bed. You will regret it several times during the night.)
It's new home...

This just looked funny, so I threw it in. Lily trying to be a participant in my mostly daily "work out"...

Okay, so we went to Burger King last week and I got an Oreo Shake. It came with this freakin' huge straw! Have you ever seen one so large in all your life?! It was like drinking through a PVC pipe! It felt VERY strange to drink through it. I told Steve that it's not the kind of thing you'd want to do on a date with someone you didn't know very well. You'd feel like a moron wrapping your lips around it...not delicate or lady-like at all.
Seriously, over a half inch!! I'm not kidding when I say I've never seen a straw so wide!

Heather, look...I made one. Not quite as pretty as yours, but it's for my kitchen, so I was going for a kitcheny look.

This is the new addition of food storage we added last week. I went to the Cannery for the first time. It was a whirlwind! I was surrounded by old people that all seemed to know what they were doing and they were getting irritated by this "infant" that didn't have a clue what to do. I was actually pretty impressed how fast these old people were moving!

Incidentally, there was a 6 can limit on wheat per family because there's a shortage--which means you better go and get wheat while it's semi-affordable and you can find it! One #10 can at the Cannery was $4, around there...pretty good price. I'm hoping to get more at the next ward Cannery night. They also said that powdered milk was going up and up, so get it while it's not through the roof. There's a lady in our stake that sends emails every couple days on prepardness and items--she said that oil and shortening is also going to be going up really soon...so you know.

For $79, I got 6 wheat, 3 milk, 2 rolled oats, 1 apple slices, 1 black bean, and 3 sugar. Pretty good deal--and all I had to do was help put stuff in cans.

This is Lily sporting her new big girl undies. She only had them on a few minutes when, from the other room, I heard her say, "What happened?" She was truly concerned...and wet.

That's a wrap.


  1. Ha! You feel about mixers like I feel about AK-47's and XDs.

    My new AK is sweet, BTW! I know Steve will want to know what I got, so here's a picture of the gun I got, an Arsenal SLR-95 7.62x39mm milled receiver Kalashnikov.

    Mine is just like this one. Behold it in all it's GLORY!


  2. that is too funny about steve and lilly...and i also had an extra smile because of the fact that i realised that we have the same princess tea set! hahahaha!! i am spoiled...i had a kitchen aid for quite some time. although i had to take some convincing of it's greatness...as the first time i used one was the first time i used mine! :) now i don't think i could live happily with out it...my poor sad hand mixer...it rarely sees the light of day.

  3. Mixer snob! :P Hey, is yours loud?

    Dan, don't you still owe me some sort of firearm? I think Grandpa would want me to have one. :)

  4. yes, mine is loud. see it was troy's present to me, the kitchen aid...but i think it was more for himself at that point

  5. OK. I was just making sure. They make them sound quiet on the cooking shows.

  6. hahaha..that is because the mic isn't on it.

    but i do have to say that my old one was quieter. that motor burned out when i was...get this...beating eggwhites!! of all things! but we had purchased it from costco so we were able to get a full refund even though it had been over a year

  7. Imagine the size of spit ball you could shoot with that straw!

  8. Ok holy crap... I am seriously laughing so hard I can barelY type!! Everything here is GREAT!! The giant straw, high tea, your magnet board, Lily's tushie... oh, and the kitchenaid!!! I want a pink one myself... one day...

  9. LOL, I love your whole post! ITs so fun! Steve & Lily are adorable! Daddy's little girl huh, now you need a little mama's boy :) They are fun too. I have gotten one of those straws! I totally agree, its weird & made out of think plastic too! I love the color of your kitchenaide! I would want one.. if.... I would ever figure out how to use it, and what for :P Potty training :( Bummer! I have to embark on that myself soon.. no fun! But Lily looks so cute!! Kids are nuts

  10. It's like a boba straw! Boba drinks are drinks with big balls of tapioca in them, from Asia. I love them!

    I love when Mariska walks around in our shoes!! So cute!

  11. Better be careful...Those Bobo drinks could have lead in them!!!

    Lily is by NO means potty trained. A couple times a day she'll ask to sit and the toilet...then she'll sit a while and ask to wipe her bum...not that there's a reason to. I thought, "Maybe if I put "underwear" on her, she'll realize how wet she is and stop peein' in her pants." No. She just pees in whatever she has on. It's a charmed life.

  12. Great post, and I'm already behind 12 comments. Love the tea party! So cute. I'm trying to convince Brooklynn she is a girl. She's rather play dinosaurs or cars than wear her adorable pink tutu.

    I want to make a magnet board. Please share your magic!

    I love your Kitchen Aid too! Bummer that it is loud. Maybe the ones on TV are quiet cuz they are the industrial strength ones?

    And I love the straw. I call them exhaust pipes myself!

    I'm jealous of all the cannery food. No cannery here..what's a girl to do??

  13. What is this magnet thing you speak of?

  14. They're totally exhaust pipes! That's funny.

    Brooklynn is so dang cute...it makes sense she'd be into the "boy" stuff since she has an older brother. Maybe you should sport a tutu around and show her how it's done.

    Is there really no cannery there? I thought they were everywhere. Stock up on your next AZ trip!...or try Emergency Essentials...or I know of some other sites that I hear are good if you ever want to know.

    Bonnie, the magnet thing is sheet metal, covered in pretty paper, then framed, then you put pretty magnets on it...something you would totally roll your eyes at :)

  15. so...is a magnet board just for magnets?? or do you actually use it to tack things up on?? this could be a good idea because the only thing in our kitchen that is magnetic is the DISHWASHER!! hahahaha! make posting those cute little things difficult!:)

    heather, if there is no cannery where you are, you may want to check to see if your stake has a "home canner" thing. i have heard our steak does since it is not so easy for everyone to drive 2 hours to mesa to can. try looking into that...either that or see if you have an emergency preparedness person called...i'm not sure if that was just a calling that was made up in our stake or not. but SOMEONE there should be able to direct you to something helpful!

  16. I see people are enjoying the magnet board!!

  17. I actually put things on the magnet board. So far I just have three of those little card things that have painting from the Dewey guy...one of baby Jesus and Mary...one of a little boy on Jesus' lap...and then one of the woman who touched his robe as he was walking by--Touch of Faith, I think it's called. They help remind me to stay patient with Lily and try to remember my purpose is important! (I just put them up, so hopefully, they'll have an impact.)

    I already have the frames and sheet metal for a couple smaller ones for Lily's room. I plan on putting her little masterpieces on it.

    We have an emergency preparedness person in our ward too...so they probably have one in your ward/stake Heather. That's a good tip Christina.

  18. ha! simon dewey is one of my favorite artists...and after he became one of my favorites...i find out that simon dewey's wife is the best friend of my husband boss's wife! crazy huh??

  19. We saw him at Costco (before we dumped them) a few months ago. He doesn't look like I thought he would. Although, he does look like a "Simon"...and a "Dewey."


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