Clubbin' With Ann D. Browny

Since I was a slacker and didn't do a real recipe...I'm giving a recipe tip that is SOOOOOO good...

Make brownies...any ole brownies will do.

Then, melt some Andies mint chocolates and spread over the top of the cooked, cooled brownies.

Viola! Instant yum.

I have other brownie tips that are really good, but those will keep for another day.

Oh...I am educated on what a Lofthouse cookie is now. Here's what I know...the Smith's brand, Sam's brand, and generic Wal-mart brand are waaaay better than the actual Lofthouse brand.

The end.


  1. No way! I refuse to believe that Walmart's generic brand can possibly trump my beloved Lofthouse! Don't let that recipe fool you - they taste nothing like the real Lofthouse cookies, which are oh so perfectly sweetened and soft! I rue the day I ever posted the link to that recipe...

  2. I don't know what we're talking about... but my favorite chocolate chip cookies/recipe are the Great Value (Walmart) dough/recipe on the back of the chips bag... they are SO GOOEY! The dough itself is in the purple GV tube by the other refridgerated doughs!

  3. Sorry Maxine, it's true. We just bought some of the Lofthouse brand and they just aren't as sinfully tasty. We bought some Saturday and still have half a box left! That's never happened. They're still good though...just not sit-down-and-eat-five-at-once kinda good.

    I've never tried the GV chocolate chips. I'm stuck on Ghiradelli and Nestle.

  4. Now I'm in the mood for one.

  5. I love the GV ones, can't beat the price either!

  6. What happened to all you links?

  7. I've never heard of Lofthouse so I can't say anything on the matter! I have a secret choc chip cookie recipe that is a sinfully tasty everytime!
    I do like your tip though about the Andes Mints. I'll have to give it a whirl!

  8. Heather, I'm SURE you've heard/tasted/seen the Lofthouse cookies. They're the really soft sugar-like-cookies with the thick layer of frosting (usually pink)...and sprinkles. SO good are they. They also sell a similar cookie at gas stations--Grandma's something-a-ruther.

    You MUST give me the secret choco chip recipe. You can't just say that and then NOT share woman!

  9. *grin* i have never had a lofthouse cookie before...but i do have an extremely tasty sugar cookie recipe that has always gotten raves...it was inherited from troy's family. his gma had a bakery years ago and was her recipe! man! i wish i had the ability to taste at the moment because sugar cookies suddenly sound way tempting!


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