Enough with the stuff and the things!

I hate word verification.

If I never have to type one in again, it'll be too soon.

I hate them.

Sometimes I even get them wrong. I just want to comment! I'm not SPAM. I'm not soliciting. I just have a blurb to share. Why people! Yeah, yeah..."I don't want SPAM." I'm here to say, it won't kill you to have to erase a SPAM-ee comment!

I hate them...I hate them...I hate them!!!!!

And while I'm at it...I hate when people have their comment page pop up in a little window in the corner. I hate little windows! I sitll have to make it big...so what was the point!

Stop the madness!


  1. do you have to do that on my blog?

  2. LOL, I totally agree! It drives me nuts and most the time when I comment its really late and I am tired so I can't make out those funny little letters and type it wrong! Then I have to enter another one :P

  3. hahaqhahaaha!! is there anything else you hate about my blog amy?? *wink*

  4. ahhh! i love you too amy, and just for you i made modifications. :)

    but i do agree about the spam lettering things...even when i DO type them right...i make SURE i do...i sometimes have to retype it again if i took too long on my comment...i forgot i still had that feature up!

  5. I could not agree more!!! Bothersome things....


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