Taste of Summer

I got the basic recipe of this from the Shwann website
...but some
improvements were greatly needed. So I changed some things. This would be even better if it weren't the dead of winter! But they're still good and VERY easy to just take out of the fridge and hand to your kid.

Frozen Yogurt Fruit Cups

3 cups frozen fruit blend, thawed a bit
15 oz. applesauce
2 cups (or more, depending on how much you want ) vanilla frozen yogurt--Smith's has a really good, inexpensive brand
1/2 can o.j. concentrate (or a different fruit juice of your choice), thawed
1 cup vanilla pudding or vanilla yogurt--whatever ya got, but pudding would probably work better

*Feel free to add more of or not add as much of any of the above ingredients.
**Since I am me, I added mini chocolate chips to about half of them. It goes really well with the fruit!

--Mix all.

--Pour into little Dixie cups; place foil over the top of each cup and freeze.
--After they're good and frozen, you can just toss all the little cups into a big freezer bag.


  1. I love summer, simply for the frozen fruit treats!

  2. I love new recipes. This looks like a winner! What a great and healthy snack for the kids.

  3. and of course for me..I forgot to add that.


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