"But I Didn't Finish The Ark Yet!"

(Erika inspired me. If anyone has read my comment on her 72 Hour post, then this is old news.)

So yeah, there's worry of bad things happening and it's good to be prepared. But I've always been VERY overwhelmed by it all...food storage, 72 hour kits, 3 months supply. Where do you start!?

Our *Stake is doing something cool. The Stake Pres is giving us around two things per month of what we should get for our Family Preparedness "supply." Kind of like, "Your assignment for the month" type of thing. It makes all this stuff very doable and not so expensive!

I'm going to post each month what he suggests to us in case some of you might need some help getting started, like me! It'll be in the sidebar somewhere. Jan and Feb are up as of now...obviously, since it's only Feb.

*Stake--A group of congregations or wards, generally about three thousand to five thousand members in five to ten congregations.


  1. Amy that's a great idea! I'm glad you're posting it. I get sooo overwhelmed, then feel guilty that I'm not prepared enough. It's hard in this teeny apartment we're in though. Oh well I just need to make it work.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this! I too feel so overwhelmed. My goal this year is to get somewhat of a supply done and this will help.

  3. I feel like it's even hard to do it in my little house. But the way I've come to see it is, it's better to have stuff crammed in all the little nooks and crannies of where you live, then to have absolutely nothing in case of an emergency.

  4. You forgot to add a box of ammo for the rifle to the preparedness list Aim-ster, at least one a month.:)

  5. Ahhh, you're right :P

    Seriously, that's actually something I didn't think about!


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