Aeh. I think the boys did better over all. Having said that, I think the girls have better personalities this year than previous seasons. Usually, I have no attachment to them. Almost all the girls sounded like they were having stage fright.

Carly--she's still my favorite female. She has a really good strong, alto voice. If she wins, do we have to call it American Immigrant Idol?
Syesha--I don't particularly think she has any thing special when it comes to her voice. True, I can't sing like her. But she sounds like a zillion other black females. I list her, because she's just adorable! Very sweet, not full of herself...and she's a fun kooky. I like her hair.
Ramiele--She's really short. She has the second best voice...well, maybe third of the girls. Kind of boring as a person though.
Alaina--Her Britney Spears impersonation was enough for me to like her. She seems like she could be a little snooty in real life, but I like her. She's a dork. Also has a decent voice of her own. And her shoes were very cute last night.
Brooke--I hope she breaks out the piano soon. I just think she came off as more of a powerful singer when she was singing while playing. She does have a really good voice. Very Carly Simonee like they said. Nothing wrong with that.

Amanda--the raspy voice might get old. She's fun though. I wanna hear her do a ballad. Very


  1. I like brooke & Carly! :) They are my favorites so far :) I told mike that I think brooke will go to the top 5 :) She is groovy..

  2. I don't watch the show, but Brooke used to be in my singles ward! Small world, eh?

  3. Brooke is my favorite! I cannot stand Amanda... I really hate her voice and I couldn't even watch her finish her song last night- thank goodness for tivo!! Maybe I am coming off a bit harsh? ;) But really, I don't think she can sing at all.

  4. Her voice is DEFINITELY one of those acquired tastes. I think she only sounds good doing the more rocker songs--but those are gonna get old. That's why I want to hear her do a ballad. Ballads show what people's voices really sound like.

    Max, did you know Brooke?


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