My top picks for the guys after last night (this morning is when I actually watched it)...Yes. I'm a BIG A.I. geek.

David A.--who happens to be from the great state of Utah. He's the one you want to roll up in a ball and stick in your pocket. I really like his voice. He's so good without looking like he's trying hard. And he has good hair. I hope he makes the top two. I fear the music industry would eat him for brunch. He'd do REALLY well in the LDS market.

Jason C.--from Texas. I think he's the easiest to watch...at least last night...with the guitar and the happy hippy song. Very nice to listen to. His voice didn't get irritating at any point either...which is always a plus in a singer. He can pull off the dreads, but all I could think about when I looked at the hair was, "I wonder how bad it smells...?" His eyes make-up for whatever strage smell he might have coming from his hair. I really like this guy.

Micheal J.--from "Georgia"...aka, Australia. He's too cool for this show...but he doesn't act like it. He just is. Unlike Chris Daughtry, who always thought and acted like he was too good for the show. (Probably why I never routed for him. I like his stuff now. Just "get over yourself" is all I'm saying.) Back to Micheal. I like him cuz he's older and not all giddy and stupid and cheesy like some people on the show.

Tonight...onto the girls!


  1. I haven't been watching, but you make me want to! So the kid from Utah is LDS? Just wondering.

  2. I too am a huge A I fan!! I love it! I like your top picks too, they are my fav's!! I was telling Spencer last night that if we ever have a girl, that I would want her to bring home someone Like David A. He's just too cute!

  3. I don't know if he's LDS. Could be.

    You should start watching Heather...they're REALLY good this year. Some of the anyway.

  4. The guys you have on here are my favorite too! :) I love american Idol :) Even Riley likes it.. He claps when someone is doing good.


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