Bleach Cocktail, Anyone?

Pros and Cons of a cold...


1. Catching up on all the shows I've recorded from the last month that I haven't had time to watch...withOUT feeling a bit guilty. Lazy, yes...guilty, no.

2. Losing two pounds without breaking a sweat. True, I'll probably gain in back in a day, but it's nice to see a lower number on that scale--even for a day.

3. It's the only time I get to use the "good" tissue--the kind with the lotion. Can't justify spending the money on it otherwise.

4. The deep, sexy voice...once you get passed the whole phlegmy thing.

5. Spicey food is a must. Great way to clear the phlegm.

6. I didn't have to finish putting away all the laundry I folded before getting the cold.

7. My "sick station": magazines, water, remote, chapstick, tissue, lozenges...only had to get up to go to the bathroom or do something for Lily.

8. I fell asleep before the 10 o'clock news were over.

9. Sneezing never felt so good.

10. Taking a nap. Ahhhhhhh. 'Nuff said.


1. Doi. It's a cold. They suck...it hurts...it pains...it saddens...it weakens.

2. I have to put all that laundry away at some point.

3. Getting spoiled by all that "time off."

4. Lily choosing THESE last two days to stop sleeping through the night. Thanks so much...appreciate that.

5. My nose is out one layer of skin.

6. Theraflu. Okay...this stuff is awesome the first 5 minutes of sipping it...but then I have to choke down the rest.

7. There is no joy in food. Of course, this would be when my body chooses to have some serious cravings for homemade chocolate chip cookies...If I'm gonna chow down all those calories, I have to be able to actually taste it!

8. Body aches.

9. Apparently, those two pounds I lost were of pure muscle cuz I can hardly walk across the house without needed a nice bench to rest on.

10. I really hate the feeling that my nose is trying to swallow my face. (If you get colds like me, you know exactly what I'm saying.)


  1. I agree!.. totally, with the pro's and con's.. When I have a cold, I watch the house get messier and messier without a second thought! But then when I feel better I get all grouchy cause I have days of work ahead of me :( & I have to go back to work which only gives me 50% of the rest of the day to get stuff done!.. Sorry your sicky :( **Hugs**

  2. Funny. The Thera-flu is so nasty after it gets cold!

  3. AHHHH! sorry i haven't commented...my internet filter was being funny...apparently some of our blogs were labeled "pornography" so my filter was saying it was a no-go...i couldn't even sign into mine! AHHH!

    anyway, TOTALLY know how you feel...we have been battling colds and then friday i thought i was getting the flu@! but it passed quickly and now especially after superbowl sunday i am wishing i were sick again...too much to clean! LOL

    i hope you feel better soon...:(

  4. Still sick? I hope not..the worst! Brody was sick..then better..now sick again. Today was Destry..

    I am addicted to those Mott's Apple Ciders when I am sick. I seriously down a few a day, they make me feel so much better.

  5. I never thought about hot apple cider. That seems like it would do the same good as Theraflu. I'll have to try them during my next "episode."

    Apparently, putting Vicks on your feet and then putting socks on your feet does some good too. So I hear. Haven't tried it yet though.

  6. I use Airborne a lot... Why is it that EVERY time I plan on restarting my work out routine (about every 3 months) I get sick? It stinks, I was going to wake up and work out today, no, I'm sick... I felt it coming last night so I took Airborne so hopefully I won't be sick for long. Its interesting though, I've noticed that since we've lived in a "smoked in" place (the lady that lived here before us smoked heavy and the people next door do and we get to smell it through the walls and pipes) anyway, I've noticed since living here all three of us have gotten sick a lot more then usual.

  7. By the way, we won't be living here much longer.... guess who's going to be building a house?!

  8. I hope you didn't catch it from me!

    Try the Vicks!

    E...Congrats! Say g'bye to smelly landlords!


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