"How Do I Love Thee. Let Me Count The Ways..."

What do you all do for "V" Day? Anyone got any fun/inexpensive ideas?

(Oh, Heather F...I found a store that sells some really cute stuff. They don't have everything on their website that they sale in the actual store though--they only have a very small amount. It gives you an idea though--and you can order stuff. But a lot of the stuff I was telling you about at my grocery store--they have at this store. It's called Rod Works. (rodworks.com) This store is worth making a trip to Utah for!--if you're into this kind of decor. Christina, if you're still coming for Conference--you need to go!)

Anyway. I'm going to go watch the rest of Biggest Loser. How funny is it that they made Jillian and Bob do a challenge! That made me happy. Speaking of which...does watching weight-loss shows give anyone else the munchies?


  1. Valentine's Day is seriously my favorite holiday behind Christmas. I love the pink and red soft sugar cookies and sprinkled cupcakes. I am wierd, I know.

    I like to get the kids a little present (new movie/book). And then for Destry and I..stay away from all restaurants! Not even worth it. We did Appleebees takeout one time and that was easy.

  2. Biggest Loser! How sad they voted off Jenn, I liked her.. & yes munchies.. I ate an entire bowl of roast/carrots & potato's while watching it! I should be munching on celery or working out! I dont like the blue team :( they are all kinda mean..

  3. I KNOW! Restaurants are for the crazies on that particular day.

    I love Valentine's Day too...at least I USED to. It was always one of the more fun ones when I was younger.

    I'm sad they voted off Jenn too...but only because the poor girl has basically lived at fat camp for the past many years and STILL hasn't lost weight! (Did you ever see her on the MTV fat camp show? I remembered her well from it.) She seems to be doing good now.

    I'm still waiting for the one black team member guy to get the boot---he has a bad attitude.

  4. Oh, and Casey...at least you ate something fairly healthy! I always get in the mood for ice cream or oreos.

  5. Valentines day... ugh... I want to like it, but I have NEVER had a good one. Spencer swears this year will be better, or "the best" as he just told me today... is it bad that I just want to get my own stuff and have him wrap it?! He never listens and gets stuff that he thinks is nice, like red roses... I hate red roses!!! They are sooo cliche! Wow, I sound like a snob and I don't mean to. But come on!! Put some thought into it. Don't do cliche things... know what I mean?

  6. The day has never really been that special to me. It just doesn't mean anything to me. It seems that it is a day set aside for those who neglect their loved one and use this one day in the year to make up for it. How about treating everyday like it is Valentines Day! (Sure hope that is how Chelcie feels!) LOL

  7. Jeremy, if every guy DID treat their significant other like you treat Chelcie, some of us wouldn't really care about Valentine's Day. Not all of us get fussed or gushed over on a regular basis though =P

    And I'd take the cliche things over nothing!

  8. V-day is just another Hallmark holiday, created by the capitalist and driven by the ongoing consumerist mentality. I for one hate it. But I do love red roses... :)

    Seriously, we spent last Valentine's Day in Paris, so nothing Collin does this year is likely to compete. We might say "I love you" to each other. That's pretty romantic.

  9. You people are bummin' me out.

    Tell me that not one of you looks back on the days in elementary school when you'd get to pass out valentines with fondness...? Come on! Sugar cookies...Hershey kisses...those disqusting little candy hearts...cooties...getting a card from a boy and reading EVERYTHING into it...trying to rip the big heart with your name off the main building at Mesa High first thing in the morning just so you wouldn't look like a loser...anti-man, brooding, pig-out fests with the girls...These are good times.

    I guess getting married and stuff really turns people into grinches :P

  10. i was in wal-mart today looking in the valentine's section, and there were these cute little mailboxes for little valentine's! it really made me wish that i could be a little elementary school kid again and have one of those mailboxes to take to school with me and just wonder which little boy would put a valentine in my box when i wasn't looking (because i'd be walking around putting valentine's in kid's boxes or whatever they may have been). good times.....

  11. ahhh amy, you are bringing such fond memories! LOL remember our senior year when we went to pizza mart and invited dave?? holy crap...that whole dave thing was so stupid! he annoyed the crap outa us and then i had to go start liking...then not liking him over and over again! but were you there (i remember casey and tammy and i think heather too) when we "burnned down denny's" on the eve of valentine's day so i could open jeremy's card??

    i had so much fun with you girls!

    but as for valentines day as of present times...troy's not so into but i at least try to make him a special dinner. LOL but honestly i cannot remember doing much the past couple of years. i WAS planning something a little different, but troy has school thursday nights and then that weekend (friday night) he has a scout overnighter....that stinks! so...i am at a loss.

  12. Okay...I totally forgot about that stuff. You need to remind me about the burning down Denny's thing. Oh wait, nevermind...it just came back. That was hilarious!


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