Just Three More Hours...Please!!

I hate mornings.

I hate waking up.

I hate getting out of bed.

Every morning I wake up feeling like I have the worst hang-over. Or maybe it feels like I'm still hanging. Assuming anyway. My eyelids--top and bottom--feel like they've been over-injected with Botox...and then chewed on by those little dinosaurs in Jurassic Park II that eat the French guy. For the first 20 minutes of my day, I can find no strength in my lids to actually open them. And believe me, it LOOKS as pretty as it feels. It doesn't help that Lily steam-rolls over me for 15 minutes.

Is this a product of aging? Or am I a raging alcoholic in my sleep and dinosaurs do still exist?


  1. That sounds very pretty! I want to see this!

  2. i cannot answer this as it seems i just barely fought off the dinosars myself...

  3. I hate waking up too :( It's the saddest part of the whole day... I wish morning were really like one of those coffee commercials!!! Awe.. someday...

  4. Maybe it's sleep apnea. I'm always gloom and doom.

    Very very hysterical post though! I couldn't stop laughing. Love the dinosaur analogy.

  5. I think I'm pretty good at breathing at night though...especially since I'm a mouth breather!

    I need a good sleeping pill.


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