I like these things cuz it means I don't have to think up a topic--sometimes I just don't want to have to use my brain.

Ten Years Ago...

February 13, 1998 -- My second semester at MCC, (Heather N., was that the semester we had Nutrition and Psych together?...or was that during the first semester?). These were the days of plasma giving and pretty much doing whatever the heck I wanted and going wherever my friends would drive. Had we met the boys of CGCC yet? What nerdies we were.
(This is a picture of Casey, me, Tammy, and Thomas--the ticket taker at Town Super Saver Cinema...you know, the old dollar theater that used to be on Main. This was THE very last night they were ever open. Thomas let us "sneak" in. We really only wanted to see Urban Legends until Pacey died--then we would go. RIP ye ole theatre.)
(This is Mandi (my cuz) before one of the lovely Saturday night country singles' dances. Heather--this is actually the night we ran into YOU and Justin that one time!)

Five Things On My To-Do List...

1. Clean out the fridge.

2. Make a couple magnet boards for the kitchen and Lily's room.

3. Get Steve to finally get rid of our Christmas tree! Yes, it's been in our front yard since Christmas night! (We're in good company...a neighbor a few houses down still has there's on the porch too.)

4. Go to Enrichment tonight--it's a dessert potluck. I'm taking my delicious Death-by-Chocolate cake! (I just ate a piece of it to "test" it.)

5. Take a shower.

Things I Would Do If I Became A Millionaire...

Move to Heber City...as long as I could take my sister-in-law and my ward with us.
-Buy Steve any business he wanted.
-Finish BYU.
-Buy a freakin' Cadillac.
-Build the most rockin' food storage/emergency reserve supply.
-Buy stocks in Walmart and Hershey's.

Three Bad Habits I Have...

Sheesh...I'm so perfect...I'll really have to think about this one =D

1. Eating chocolate with pretty much every meal.
2. Being late to church. No matter what I do, I can't get there on time!
3. Obsessing about things that really don't need to get done right this minute--I can't forget about something till it gets done. It's like a tick. Ask Steve. It's annoying. I can see it. I'm not blind. I think "anal" is a word I've used in my head.

Five Places I've Lived...

1. SLC--Westminster College in Res. Hall 3. These were the nicest "dorm" suites I'VE ever seen.
2. "Williams Airforce Base"...on the wrong side of the tracks.
3. Heber City...the prettiest spot in Utah. ( I was going to say "on earth"...but I'm pretty sure Europe has some places that could beat it. I could be wrong.)
4. Brentwood Apartments in Provo...2 minute walk to the grocery store. We harbored a shopping cart for a few weeks in our apt as our garbage can. So ghetto. (How did we have any friends, Erika?! I wonder what Adi is up to these days...?)5. Spanish Fork, UT.

Five Jobs I've Had...

1. Several attempts at telemarketing in high school...none stuck for more than, what, two days.
2. Target with Casey3. CSC--"security" during the SLC Olympics in 2002 at city hall. ( I got to see the actual, real, live Beach Boys!!!!)
4. Banquet server at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. (President Monson almost knocked me down while I was carrying a very highly stacked tray of dishes...or was it that I almost knocked him down with my very highly stacked tray of dishes...? It was a cherished moment. And I served L. Tom Perry and his wife cake at a wedding reception.)
5. I worked at the Mesa Public Library for a day--I think it was. I quickly learned that I couldn't work that closely to my cousin Mandi...you can't put two immature, noisy, gigglers in a library and expect quiet.

Some Things Most People Don't Know About Me...

-I love the Smothers Brothers.
-I still watch the Brady Bunch...as I get older, it gets funnier.
-Since having Lily, stupid things on t.v. will make me cry--things that wouldn't have phased me before.
-I just forgot how to spell "phased" and had to use the spell check.
-One of my nasal passages is one-third the width of the other one. One day, I'll have to get it fixed so I can breathe and stuff.
-I'm always right. I'm always friggin' right.

I tag whoever hasn't made a post of this stuff and wants to...Jeremy, Bonnie, Heather, Erikas, etc.


  1. We found the shopping cart while on a walk and "took it back" to the store, it just took a few weeks! Adi was great! How awesome was it having such a goofy friend that looked like he should have been on the cover of an Abercrombie Catalog?!

  2. Yeah. I'll have to post a picture I have...and of the shopping cart.

  3. And email me pictures of your house! Oh yeah... my brother hooked us up with that job, so we changed our minds and are keeping the internet! thank goodness! Getting rid of it was going to really stink!

  4. Amy, were you "freggin" angry when you wrote this?

  5. No...I just like a good usage of the word "friggin."

  6. I remember Adi!! What fun times those were (all 7ish days I spent with you guys that summer...). And I also find it somewhat interesting that the fact that you're "always friggin' right" is an unknown fact... :)

  7. Hey, yeah! Everyone SHOULD know by now.

  8. Amy I don't know if it was first or second semester..I want to say second. Good times! I remember a short job I had at the MCC daycare place. Did you do that too? It stunk.

  9. heather, you worked at the children's center TOO??!

    when did you do that?? i worked there the fall semester of 97 and heck yeah it sucked!! it was my first job i HATED!

  10. Yea I worked there for a little while. Don't ask me why! My memory it HORRIBLE and I swear Amy did it too. I can't remember if it was first or second semester! PS what is your blog address? I need to add you to my list!

  11. Yeah, I remember working there VERY briefly. That's when I realized I didn't like taking care of other people's kids. I don't remember it well though. It's so weird how I can't remember things that happened 10 years ago! I'm not even 30 yet and I can't remember my 19s! How sad is that?!

  12. Yea I came to that realization too..really fast! Yea my memory is a gonner. I love all the pics you posted! I totally forgot about your cousin Mandy!

  13. holy cow...i am feeling way nostalgic now!! that is so funny that we have all worked at the children's center. LOL i loved the kids but i never got to play with them. i had the closing shift so all i did was clean pretty much. i had to finish and put away laundry for the day, clean all the bathrooms, clean the kitchen, clean the playground, make a snack and dinner, do dishes...sweep and any other chores the teachers saw fit for me to do...and then through the hiring process they told me all about being able to play with the kids and help keep an eye on them. it sucked big time!! and i got a bad evaluation because i couldn't always get everything done before my shift was over.(and i was said to not always have the best attitude) oh and did i mention my shift was over at 9:00pm and i GOT to mcc before 7:00 am!! loooong day!

    LOL and we had a mutual agreement that i was not to come back the folowing semester (i was obviously devastated) because i asked for a personal day for religious reasons and they claimed that i took too much time off...i think i called in 2 times because i was so sick and i left early 2 times for a meeting for a class that couldn't be at any other time and i made sure all my obligations were completed before i left.

    i completely forgot about all this untill you guys mentioned it!!

    LOL amy, i had a dream with mandy in it a couple weeks ago...it was just a random appearance, rather odd but i think it;s funny now!

  14. OMG! I forgot that we took that picture! That is nuts that you remeber the date! & the guys name! :) Your great! That was a great night! & I was so thin!! & I thought I was FAT! I miss the old days.... I need to get out more

  15. I remember that day like it was only 10 years ago!

    Poor Thomas. Out of a job. I wonder where he is now.


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