ode to a tree sorta...& and a lens

So, it's cold.  It's winter.  It's Christmas-time.

Time for baked goods.  Time for A Charlie Brown Christmas.  Time to spend money on something stupid and irresponsible...but justifying that, "Hey, it's Christmas!"  

Ahhh, Christmas.

First thing on the list was getting a tree.

A real one.

I'm not a die hard have-to-have-a-real-tree person.  And I'm not a fake-trees-are better person.  I like what's easier.  And this year, what's easier is only spending $10 on a tree.  (Maybe when the smoke clears and stuff goes on clearance, we'll get a nice fake one for those years I'm feeling lazy.)

We went up this way to get it...

Pretty, right?  There's my town.  We Rooseveltites...(...Rooseveltonians?  ...Roosevelters?  Still not clear on that...)...really are lucky to live in a this close to the mountains.

And this, this is just a picture of Lily.  We were waiting for something...so I pulled out the camera.

I am inlove with this lens.  Truly in-love...as inlove with an inanimate object as a person could be.  (It's a 50mm.  In case you were wondering.  Frackin' awesome blurage.) 

Mostly, this was a very non-interactive Christmas tree excursion.  Lily, me, and some of her cousins hung out on the road, while Steve and his bro went hunting for the tree on a snowmobile way back there. 

I was content with the situation.

"Oh, Mommy...I have a snowball for you..."

"Lily...you do it...you die."

She did not choose...poorly.

We did lots of waiting around on this day...deep snow, trucks stuck, traffic on the road (many other tree-getters about that day), etc.  

Lily's arm.  Her cousin's head.

All in all, a good time.  A mellow time.  If I hadn't had to pee for 2 hours, it would have been even better.  I coulda gotten a nice mountain nap or somethin'.

Notice, I don't have a picture of the tree.  That's cuz Steve stuck it in the back of the truck really quick and after that, I lost interest.

Besides, you all know what a pine tree looks like.  It's green.  It has needles.  It's in my living room.  (For a while there, it was almost invisible next to my green walls.  We since put lights and ornaments on it, so now it's much more noticeable.)  

But, I did take a few pictures of a couple ornaments, not because I want to show you what's on my tree...but because, yes, that's right ladies and gentlemen...I wanna marry this lens.  And since my time with it is limited, (borrowing it), I'm going to be just that obnoxious.

Speaking of pictures, I made some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.  They were really good.  Better than pcc cookies or ppc bread.  I have finally found my favorite.  Pumpkins and chocolate chip are best when enjoyed in muffin form.  And here's the recipe which I'm giving 5 gold stars.

They're so good, they're like after-dinner mints.  Only not chalky.  Or gross.  You'll want to pop one in right after dinner.  And breakfast.  And lunch.  And I have.  Because I am a baked-goods pig.

...the muffins were nestled all snug in their beds...

Dan, my brotha-from-the-same-motha, I thought of you whilst I was eating them.  Don't know why.  Just thought it was a moment you should have been sharing with me.

And that's my December thus far.  There is a whole day's worth of pictures from a local-ish "fair" type thing...but that's for another day, another post, another hour needing killed.

Hope everyone has a happy season and I will give you my wish list upon request.

Photography love...


  1. We really do need to eat choco-punkin' muffins in the mountains sometime. They look good. Of course, the way I would eat them is to sandwich a big mess of whipped cream between two muffins and top the whole thing with, say, some kind of caramel sauce or something.

    And you gotta get one of those 50mm lenses for yourself. The quality of pictures you can take with one of those things is outstanding. Professional grade, at the very least.

    You should take a few of your best ones to Wal-mart and try to get copies made. I guarantee they'll ask you for a copyright release form before they will give them to you. They won't believe that you took them yourself.

  2. why just barrow? you should beg steve :) Christmas si a great time to pamper your wife so she will make you good things to eat :)
    Lily looks like Abigain Breslin in that one picture. She is So darn cute! Love the snow.. I want it to snow here.. boo

  3. I love the pictures. That is an amazing lens. Everything is so clear and colorful...

    Two comments...

    Where's the town?


    Lily is sure growing up...

  4. See that big snow-covered area in the middle of the picture? The town is under there.

  5. Dan, I'm a purist...I don't like whipped cream slopping up any of my food. (Although, I do like whipped cream right out of the container on it's own.) But the caramel sauce sounds good.

    Casey...it's on my list. I can see the Abigail thing.

    Lisa, the town is there...under the fog. It's not very big (to me).

  6. I still have a hard time mixing fruits/vegetables with chocolate. Chocolate is a pure thing that needs to be enjoyed unadultrated... :P

    Those pictures are fantastic! What kind of camera do you have, and what is that fabulous lens???? I have been eyeballing cameras at Costco, and I am hoping to make the leap here pretty quick. :D

  7. I'm kind of with you on the fruit thing. Only strawberries and coconut go with chocolate really well. Okay, and cherries. And cranberries. But that's it! I hate when someone tries to make me eat chocolate with citrusy fruits. BLECH.

    It's a Canon T2i. And that's a 50mm lens...I'm pretty sure. It's over there. And I don't want to go get the specs off it.

  8. I got a 50mm lens from my husband a little while back for my Canon. It is SO awesome. Loving your shots...the ornaments look phenomenal!

    So glad you dropped by my blog so I could find yours. Lots of wonderful photo inspiration for me to haunt :)


  9. Your daughter has the most beautiful eyes! Great shots. I have lens envy.

  10. You are so blessed. This post was full of happiness!


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