yee haw!

When Steve and I were dating, he made me go horseback riding.

On a stupid horse.

It bucked (violently threw) me off.

I landed flat on my back.  In some pokey weeks.  And clumps of hardened mud.

I hate that horse.

Fortunately, Lily has never been so violated by a horse.  I figured I shouldn't let me fears stop her from trying when we were invited to go last week.

I even got on one.  (I may show a picture of that later.)  It turned out to be pretty fun.   ...Aside from the end when I realized my cell phone was no longer in my back pocket and Sherry and I had to hoof it on foot around the entire field looking for it.  It only took 21 missed calls to locate it.

And she made a pretty darn cute cowgirl for Halloween.


  1. Looks like fun! I used to love riding horses until I got kicked. Yeah. I like looking at horses in a field..Fenced...from the street.

  2. And this coming from the girl that was in love with horses growing up! It looks like she had fun and that she was a natural!

  3. I know, right? I loved horses till they betrayed me. But we're on good terms again.

  4. What an adorable cowgirl! :) I love the last horse pick :) its so cool looking. I havent ridden a horse in Years! I think a horse would be sad and cry if I tried to ride one now!

  5. What a fun day and super cute costume. I love your Wanted poster too!

  6. Oh my cuteness! What fun captures...I'm loving your blog :) Have a great day!


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