only in a small town

I was driving down the road yesterday.


I saw a llama.

A huge llama.

In someone's front yard.

Tied up with a leash.  

(Notice.  The leash.)

Like a puppy dog.

Just chillin'.

Gotta love this town.


  1. I tried to think up a llama joke, but I just couldn't come up with one.

    I should ask the Dalai Llama. I'll bet he's HERD them all.

    I did think of one! Har, har.

  2. What do you call a really fast llama?

    A llamagini.

  3. Ha! I saw that last time we were there. So funny!

  4. I love llamas... :D There is a corner in Orem where they have an Emu. Sometimes they have a llama and some horses too. I love that corner...

  5. Here in Gilbert up the canal path there is a house with 5 llamas in their backyard. My kids love to walk and see them. There is also that house down 9th Ave toward Mesa Dr. with the 2 emus. Never know where you will find weird pets!


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