caller i.d.

Saw this in Family Fun magazine and thought it was a good idea.

It's a bracelet with your cell number on the beads so if you get separated from your kid somewhere, there's a way for whoever finds your kid to call you. 

You can, of course, make it more exciting than the one I made.  I wanted one that would go with anything.

Though now that I think about it, it'd be a good idea to make one with some really florescent/loud beads.  What harm would the extra highlighting do?

The whole thing cost about 4 bucks.  I could only find the number beads online---buck fifty for 100 of 'em.

They're cheaper and last longer than the i.d. tattoos that cost $10 a pop.

She's pumped about it.


  1. That's a good idea.

    We've had a bunch of kids at the store that have gotten separated from their parents and then we have to wait with the poor kid crying while we try to find the parent. With a phone number, it'd be a lot easier and the poor kid could talk to the parent while they wait and everything would be cool.

    Of course, there needs to be a male equivalent of this for boys. The beads are just a tad girly, you know? Maybe dog tags or something, so he feels like a tough guy.

  2. If I need to put a bracelet on Porter to make sure he will be safe, I will do it. No questions asked. I would probably make one for Emily even though she knows our numbers. Never know if she would forget in that kind of a situation! Thanks for the great idea!

  3. I've seen some manly beads...made out of wood...or bones...or shark teeth.

  4. That is a great idea. I've resulted to writing my number in pen on their arm if we go somewhere crowded. This is so much cooler!


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