a little less drew

Anyone else think there's something wrong with this picture?

First the hair.  Then the glasses.  And now the bowl full of jelly.

You know what always happens to fat, funny people after they lose weight?

No longer funny.



  1. I just saw that a few minutes ago. I think he looks great, but you are right about the funny thing. He really isn't great as the host of The Price is right either. And I didn't like him on Whose Line is it Anyway? But I really liked him on The Drew Carey Show. Am I just being picky? Bottom line is that I never found him that funny to begin with.

  2. I think it makes him look like he is really, really old. He was better before.. :P

  3. Shame... Fat Funny people need to stay fat and funny. Josh Peck... Sara Rue...

  4. Thats so sad.. where did he go?? he is missing most of him. I think he was handsome chunky and funny :) sometimes... that makes people who they are :)


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