who goes there?

Last night I was watching Friday's 20/20.  It was about a little Florida girl, named Somer, who loved puppies and was very friendly to strangers.  She was killed by a sicko pedophile last year.

Throughout the story, they talked about the different suspects and that in this little girl's community--within a 5 mile radius--there were 150 registered sex offenders.  Ew.  Sent shivers and whatnot.

I wondered about my own neighborhood.  I live in a fairly small town so I wasn't expecting a huge number of registered offenders.  (But really, how many is an okay number?)

Within 2 miles of my house, there are 12.  Within one mile, 8.  And within a quarter mile, 2.

We're talking one right over there.  I can see the residence from my house.  The other one lives down the street and around the corner.  Very close.  

I was immediately glad that I don't let Lily play outside by herself.

I was immediately a little worried that some of my neighbors do.

(I'm not an alarmist.  But I am paranoid.  So I don't really care how rehabilitated someone is.  Whether it's a pessimistic view or not, I believe the old saying that past performance predicts future performance.  Apparently, the government agrees or the Registry wouldn't exist.) 

Steve and I looked at each of the sex offender's picture and rap sheet.  Good to know.  I also signed up for email alerts that let me know when a new offender moves in.  Also good to know.

The mother of Somer said that (in not so many words) one of her missions was to make people aware of who they're living by and know where the sex offenders are.

So, in the name of being aware of who's living by you, here are a couple websites:

If you live in Utah, go here.  Go to the bottom and agree to the terms/conditions, then click on SEARCH FOR OFFENDERS IN YOUR AREA at the top.

If you live somewhere else, go here to Family Watchdog.

I remember roaming free when I was a kid.

My mom didn't think twice.  

It's too bad Mayberry's dead.


  1. I miss Mayberry...It is very scary these days.

  2. It is so true. So sad. I like that the registry tells you what they did. I wouldn't be half as worried about someone convicted of a crime against an adult, but the ones involving kids are scary. My Mom is and always has been super paranoid so I wasn't allowed out alone. I wasn't allowed to walk home from school with my older sister, even though the school was literally .2 miles from my house!! I guess it was good training for me to be a mom in the world we live in now!

  3. I looked up who was around here a while back. Next door, and then two houses around the corner. Very frightening. I have never felt comfortable (even before I knew) letting my kids play outside by themselves. But, like you, I have neighbors who do, the youngest being about three years old. It's a scary world

  4. So me and my friend were at Village inn the other day and across from our booth was a group of young couples and one of the them was telling a story of how she and her boyfriend were over at his house and they herd a noise and it went away but then they herd it again and looked over at the window and saw a video camera! Creepy! So they went online and found out that they were 76 sex offenders in their town or something! Me and saranie freaked out! And then it was kinda funny cause i think they knew we were listing cause one said i think they are just listing to our story and then they looked over at us.. also creepy!

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  6. So I've tried to look this up before, but didn't have the right site! AH! In just .5 miles of where we live there are 9! ugh. And...in 1 mile there are 12. Glad to know I'm so safe...or NOT.

  7. I checked mine too. None even close. I like Gilbert. Much better than Mesa. It's to dirty there.


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