Chocolate is pretty.

I've said it once, and I'll say it again.  (No, really.  I will.)

Chocolate is PRETTY.

And I think God wants us to eat it. 

Because He created it.

Him and the Mayans.

Why does He want us to eat it?

Cuz it makes us happy, (and sane).  And the scriptures tell us that men are that they might have joy. 

Chocolate = Joy


  1. LOL! Compelling theory...I think I'm convinced.

  2. Personally, I think the Devil created chocolate to lead us into temptation. Smooth, rich, creamy, chocolaty temptation to lure us to our fall.

    Mmmmm Hmmm.

    Yeah, chocolate is definitely the Devil's work.

  3. If eating chocolate is wrong...

    I don't wanna be right.

  4. Hello Devil's Food Cake! He even named a cake after himself.

    why do think there is DARK chocolate? heheh i made that up myself.. :]

  5. Delicious! I'm in trouble if they add that to the Word of Wisdom. It is so addictive and yummy, I'd have to quit the church.

  6. Well isn't any mood altering substance a drug? Therefore chocolate is a drug. Word of Wisdom is understood to include drugs. So guess chocolate breaks the Word of Wisdom.

  7. Turkey makes people sleepy...like Ambien. So does that mean turkey is a drug?

  8. I don't care for chocolate. Is that considered blasphemy here? :)


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