through the years

Valentine's Day.

Love it.  Hate it.  Ignore it.

Makes some people giddy, other people gag, and the rest just don't give a crap--these are those who really are in the same category as the gagers...they just don't want to admit it. 

It all starts in childhood.

Remember elementary school?  You got to make a big "mail box" to tape to your desk. You'd get real- live Valentine's Day cards...the best ones had candy taped to the back.  And it was the one time of the year you could show kind/neutral feelings towards boys without the fear of getting cooties or mocked.  Those were the days...the best days that Valentine's Day had to offer.  And then it's over.

Fast forward a few years...to high school---my high school---they did something REALLY atrocious.

The student body wrote EVERYONE'S name on a big heart and slapped it on the side of the main building.  (We're talking a student body of what...3 thousand plus?)  The idea was that you were supposed to take down the heart of someone you liked...secretly.  Or something like that. 


If you used your deducing skills, you would see that this meant if your heart was still up at the end of the day...NOBODY LIKES YOU and everyone got to see it.  Luckily, a wise friend took my heart and a few other friends' hearts down early on in the day.

Smart, merciful friend.

And then came single-life. Remember those (said with disdain) days? (If you got married before you were twenty one...you don't get to reminisce with me here...) Those were horrible, LOVE-STINKS! YEAH-YEAH! days.

This was when Valentine's Day was dead to me.


But I didn't really care about not being with anyone.  I had better things to do.  Like sit around with my friends/roommates and bitterly talk about the males and their countless, unredeemable qualities.  Because they had many and they needed to be discussed.

Which brings us to the present.

I'm indifferent to this holiday.

Just ask Steve.

Do I wish it was a little gooey-er?  Maybe when I want an excuse for Steve to buy me a new cookbook.  But Steve and I aren't gooey people.  So really, it would go against us as a couple. 

Maybe knowing I have a built-in Valentine (stop the gagging) is enough.

But it's nice just to have another holiday to give me yet another excuse to make cookies, eat V-Day themed chocolate candy, and go out to eat...all in the name of Valentine's Day.   

Though in reality, I'm gonna do those things anyway.  It's just nice having a holiday to justify the sugar fests.

So, Happy Valentine's Day.

And do your pigging out now, cuz the next holiday doesn't come til March 17th.


  1. Ha ha ha!

    I always feel pressured about Valentine's Day. What if I am not feeling like being ooey-gooey with my husband? What if I just want to sit on the couch in my jammies and eat nachos?

    I think Valentine's Day is only good for candy. I am actually surprised they haven't monopolized on the whole "Conversations Hearts" for the different holidays. You could have "Conversation Christmas Trees" and "Conversation Shamrocks." Or "Conversation Easter Eggs." They are so late in the ball game...

  2. I am with you on Valentine's Day. Why is it that we should only show our love for our special someone one day out of the year. Shouldn't we do that everyday? If not every other?

  3. I remember those stupid hearts!!.. I think Andrea took mine down in the morning too, It was good that she did, but I was kinda sad, thinking, maybe someone else would have taken it down :) Wishful thinking I guess. :) Mike isnt a gushy person., and I am.. which makes it hard. but he is learning :) Great thing about a husband..they are partially trainable. if not, thats why we have kids :) & I love the little debbie heart shaped snack cakes, that are only available this time of year :) Thank goodness for V-day and being prego I get to have LOTS!

  4. I love those Little Debbies! I wanted Steve to get me some last night, but they were out. I had to settle for the heart shaped brownies. They don't look very good...but when that afternoon sugar craving kicks in--anything will do.

  5. Was that MHS??? Cause I don't remember that.

  6. Yeah, it was Mesa High. I'm pretty sure it was my sophomore year...so you wouldn't have been there yet. Lucky you.

  7. Amy I don't remember the hearts. I must have blocked it out cuz I guarantee nobody grabbed mine! I do remember the candy grams from junior high. They got delivered in 5th hour. You just prayed a friend got you one so you didn't feel like an idiot. That was the worst.


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