good cookies

I'm always on the look out for good sugar cookie recipes.  

I recently came upon one that claimed it was the "Best Sugar Cookie Recipe Ever."  Big talk.

I have no idea where I saw it online.  No idea at all.  I looked too.  Though, I would say that it was pretty typical of a sugar cookie.  And I've tried a lot.  Most of them taste pretty close to the same. 

But that's not the best part of these cookies.  It was the FROSTING.  I accidentally bought Betty Crocker Whipped Strawberry Mist Frosting.
Normally, I don't like things that are Strawberry flavored cuz they taste really fake.  Also, I'm not a huge fan of the whipped canned frosting.  

But let me tell you...I could have eaten all 30 something cookies in one afternoon with this frosting.  It's probably the best sugar cookie frosting you could possibly put on a cookie.  Better than Lofthouse cookies.  Oh, yeah.  Much better.  And then when you add M&M's.  Yeah.  No contest.  

I didn't even need a glass of milk to keep me interested.

I also found a recipe for fortune cookies at Once Upon a Holiday that actually come out tasting like fortune cookies.  

This recipe is one of those where practice makes perfect.  So my first attempt was not perfect, but good enough.

I made them for visiting teaching purposes, so I changed the fortunes to these:



They were actually really easy to make.  I would just suggest that you actually use parchment paper or a Silpat like the recipe says.  Cuz the cookies even had a hard time coming off of my magical, mystical golden cookie sheets.

Happy baking...and eating!


  1. Holy crap I shouldnt have checked your blog today.. Now I will be craving those silly cookies all day.. Will have to leave for work early.. fight the afternoon traffic at fry's. park. woddle my butt inside. and find those lofthouse cookies which arent as good, but will hold me over till I learn how to bake these ones. See how you are :p Mean. . & I'm going to try the fortune cookies too! They look super cute! & so does lily! :)

  2. Coooooookies...Sugar cookies are my favorite...yum...I might just have to make some now!

  3. Mmmm, I think its time to make some sugar cookies.

  4. yuuum! ah it's such a good thing that i don't have a kitchen right now...i'd be makin a mess sugar cookien' it up! :) but you know, i DO have an AWSOME lofthouse-eque recipe! it was from someone on my husband's side of the family...they actually had a bakery or somethin of the sort. best cookies i have ever had! oh crap now the cravings will commence! :P

  5. Must eat sugar cookies with strawberry frosting....Nummy. Just looking at those pictures makes the drool start gathering at the sides of my mouth .


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