license to carry an ugly stick

I just got my driver's license renewed. 

I was a little late...only 8 months.

The bank teller had to remind me.

I was still thinking I had till 2039--AZ's way of doing things.

But here, they make you do it every 5 years.

And I have a few tips for you...

One:  Whether you regularly wear make-up or not, wear it for this special occasion.  Trust me.  It wasn't pretty.  My eyes blended into my face which blended into my hair.  It was a sea of beige, blonde, and freckles.  I just figured, I don't wear make-up, so it would really be a lie.  Next time, I will commit such a lie for Beauty's sake.

Two:  Smile.  Say cheese.  Show those pearly whites.  Let them shine!  True, the guy taking the picture probably won't tell you to smile cuz he doesn't care and you may feel stupid...but you're never fully dressed without a smile.

Three:  Posture!  Posture!  Posture!  Sit up straight.  Don't slouch.  Make your mamma proud.  Otherwise, you will, in fact, end up looking like a linebacker.

I thought about taking a picture of my license so you could see the horribleness that is my face.  But nobody should have that image burned into their brains.

Let me just say two words:  Mug shot.


  1. LOL! I wanna see that picture now...

  2. I wanna see it too!! :) and at least in 5 years, you will know just what to do and have a Beautiful picture :)

  3. Driver's License and Sams club pictures are the worst!

  4. YES! My Sam's picture is equally horrendous! But at least that picture is elongated a little so I look thinner.

    And no, Dara. No one will ever see it.

  5. I must say, it DOES look better in color.


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