homemade cookie ornaments

I've been wanting to make some sugar cookie looking ornaments for the past few years.  Lily's old enough now that I thought I should try. 

I found a baking soda play dough recipe that I really like.  It didn't smell good cooking and cooling, but I liked the end result. 

Lily rolled out the dough, cut it, and put it on the pan all by herself. 

And I didn't even care that she was making a mess.

They took about 3 days to dry and 4 days to paint, (we came back to work on them every other day).


  1. These are beautiful! Very crafty of you. I accidentally right clicked and got your little message about not taking your pictures...How do I put that on my website? Any suggestions?

  2. Too cute! I am too lazy to do things like that.

  3. My mom made gingerbread men like those! I love them! You're a good mommy. :)

  4. I usually do the salt ceramic dough recipe. I never thought about putting the colour in like you did! What a great tip! Thanks!

  5. Wow! You are such a good mommy, fun crafts like that are great for the kids, thanks for the idea.


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