white stuff

Down it came.

Not very hard.  Not very much.  It didn't even stick...though it was coming down for two hours.

But still.  Down it came.  And I loved it.

The holiday season can't really begin until it snows.  It just doesn't feel right.  Which is strange, considering I spent the first twenty years of my life in a place where we were lucky to get below 65 degrees by Christmas.

Maybe that's why.  I have a subconscious need to make up for twenty years of white-less Christmases.

(Speaking of which, snow always puts me in the mood for White Christmas.  So, in it went into the VCR.  I can recite the whole movie.  I can.  Try me.)

I'm blessed to live in a cold, snowy place.


  1. Ah...I was in love with Danny Kay.
    I might not have the line quite right, but my favorite line went something like, "You don't think I'd go around throwing myself at a man do you??!" LOL!

  2. Today got down to 67. It was COLD!!! I don't deal well with cold. Can you tell? Emily tells me that I am not made for winter. I think she is right.

  3. You know it! And I will fully admit it. I am not ashamed.

  4. I love a good snow. For me it's just a waste of time if it doesn't stick, though.


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