I got in late last night.  (Twelve thirty.  What will the neighbors think?!  Oh wait, my neighbor was there, too.)  So, I didn't get a chance to be grateful for something yesterday.

But being grateful daily is like taking birth control pills.  If you miss one day, you can just make it up the next day.  And so I shall.

Actually, I'm grateful for what I was doing.  Girls' night.  No children, no men, no interruptions, no thinking, no calorie-counting (as if there ever really is).  It was rejuvenating.

Yes, even in Roosevelt, Utah--population still under 10,000--it's possible to get out of the house and just be a girl.  Cuz girls just wanna have fun and be dancing queens. 

(This is totally how it was, too.  Only, there were a few more of us.  And we weren't dancing.  And there was no disco ball.  And we were in our pajamas.  But the idea is the same.  Inside, our souls were gettin' down with our bad childless/husband-less selves...Only very mellowly.)

I need more of those.

For today's bit-o-thankfulness, the award goes to TEXTING.  Yes, good old-fashioned text messaging.

For someone like me, who hates to talk on the phone, texting is the single best form of communication ever.  I get to say or ask what I need, and then I'm done.  Ahh, I do love it.

Besides, I'm much more interesting in print than I am in real time.  

Some will say, "It's so impersonal."

I say, "And...?"

I must give an honorable mention to email.  My second favorite way of communicating.

Just think, in ten years, none of us will ever have to actually say a word to each other.


  1. Girls' night out...I remember those...

  2. A girls night every once in a while is a nice treat.

  3. nope! amy you are too...intersesting in real time that is! and one of these millenias i'll be able to see you real time! :)


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