oragel, baby

A few days ago I bit the inside of my lip.

I mean BIT.

I mean, pain.

I mean, owy.

I mean, you can see my teeth imprints on my inner lip.

Little teeth imprint holes.  It's all very disgusting.

It's because when I was 21, I got braces.  The orthodontist discovered that I still had one of my baby teeth.  So during the course of the whole braces-experience they went up into my gums and slowly wired the adult tooth down into its proper place.  My canine tooth.  You know, the tooth vampires use to suck the life out of their dinner...the tooth that got its namesake from dogs.

This means that my adult tooth didn't have 15 years of wearing down.  So it's still fairly sharp.  And it often rips through my lip.  Quite offensive.  

It's amazing how something wrong with your mouth can make you wanna die or rip your arm off.

Tonight, I turned to glorious Baby Oragel.  It doesn't last long, but the time it did last made me feel a little bit like skipping.  It's so tasty, too...taste just like candy.

Then it made me think of my baby because it's the same tube we got when she was teething so many years ago.  (That's not gross.  It doesn't expire until March of 2011.)

Makes a person wanna look at baby pictures with a box of Kleenex and cry.  (At least THIS person.)

Today I'm thankful for two things:

Baby Oragel


that I had a baby.


  1. Awww...That made me want to gag. LOL! Braces...I remember getting my tongue getting snagged on the wires and my mom laughing at me when I couldn't get it unstuck. Mouth pain is horrible...

  2. Now you're going to bite the same spot over and over again for a few days. You better drink shakes and eat ice cream.

  3. & what a Beautiful baby she is!! & you will have another beautiful baby soon :) I can feel it.. I need to get some of that baby oragel! Every few months my wisdom teeth start to ache.. and hurt,, like they are trying to bust out of jail or something, but I dont want to get them out yet.. Im stubborn and lazy. :)


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