one down

Until today, I always wondered what Key Lime Pie tastes like.  I always assumed I liked it.  Why wouldn't I?  Limes...good.  Graham cracker crust...good.  Pudding mix...goo-oo-ood.

Well, I made it.  Tried it.  Don't like it.  It was pretty.  But don't like it.  

Guess I don't have to wonder about that anymore. 

For today, my gratitude goes to:


Thanks for killing strange, little children cooties.


  1. I don't like it either. Was the "limes...good" etc used with the Joey voice from the Thanksgiving episode where Rachel makes the trifle? If not, that's what it reminded me of and I had a good chuckle.

  2. I agree on the key lime thing. To sour. I like a good chocolate cream pie. But not too much chocolate.

  3. What is WRONG with you people!?

    Key Lime Pie was put upon this earth by Heaven itself to ease our worldly troubles and give us a tiny taste, a smattering, of the glories of eternity, and you just...you just THROW it in the face of the angels like yesterdays whipped cream!?


    Repent, ye awful sinners! Repent!

    Oh, and key lime pie is super-fantastic. So says me.

  4. super-fantastic?...Dan, you are so FABULOUS!! but key lime pie is not

  5. Not my favorite either. I pass on most pies. I am grateful for the handy get which I refer to as the "magic soap"...

  6. Yes, wipes are the best thing invented, along with disposable diapers. No more rinsing diapers out in the toilet and having to use wash clothes and wash them over and over again.

    Key lime? I could take it or leave it. It is pretty good when you make it with yogurt and cool whip on a hot summers day in AZ and freeze it. You get more of the cool whip than the key lime yogurt. It's very refreshing.

  7. I don't like key lime pie. I think it is a shabby effort to show up banana cream pie. Which would never happen. Nothing beats banana cream pie.
    I was so grateful for wipes yesterday when I went to Cold Stone and the table hadn't been wiped down for 100 years. Ick...

  8. Yeah..I'm not a Key Lime fan. Although..there is a Lime Cheesecake recipe out there, worth trying!

    P.S. I clicked over from Mormon Mommy Blogs. You've got the cutest blog!

  9. Emily...TOTALLY. You get me. You really get me.

    I am glad that, for once, I am among the majority on what is gross.

    Chocolate cream pie...much better. I plan on making one this week.

  10. you know, come to think of it....i'm not sure i have ever had key lime pie! dang!! but i have to say...i'm pretty sure i'm with dan! i mean a nice homemade lemmon marange(yeah i know i mispelled it...shoot me!) pie is the best pie in the world! the sourer the better! delish! and lime....ooo! i'm sure me and key lime pie would be good friends

  11. I've never had it before.. now I have no desire too either :) But the scentsy bar smells really good :) thats at least something good about it


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