beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Lily and I spent the morning at the Enchanted Forest in town.

It was a great morning.  Perfect mommy-daughter outing.

I love times like those. She was cooperative, even-tempered, and well-mannered.

First, we saw the trees...the "forest."  They had THE most awesome Dr. Suess tree.  Friggin' upside-down.

The picture does not do it justice.  Kudos to whoever it was who made it.

My favorite, other than the Dr. Suess tree, was this one.   

It was perfectly Christmas.

I'm very grateful for this woman who read story after Christmas story for the kids.  She is patient.  Oh, so patient.  No matter how much noise there was, she just kept on reading.  And she seemed to genuinely enjoy it.  I wish I could be more like that. 

Lily was in heaven.  She loves reading...sat there for an entire hour.


Santa came!

Lily was all jazzed up to see him, but ultimately preferred to sit on Mrs. Claus' lap.

Good job, Roosevelt.  Ya done good.


  1. You are a good mommy. The idea of bringing my kids to a public place where they can be kidnapped, get lost, run away, or something like unto it makes me want to lock all my doors and duct tape my children to the walls. That's the problem with being out numbered. One on one is always great!

  2. You should have Dan read to Lily. My kids were always bringing him books to read to them. He does such a good job.

  3. That is so cool! :) & exciting, I wish we had something like that. I love the trees! I wish I could do that on mine! I love christmas.. Its sparkly and makes me feel warm and gushy inside.


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