fashionably fat

This morning, I hobbled (cuz that's how I move in the morning) over to a certain online boutique (who shall remain nameless because I don't want to give them publicity) to look at dresses.

I found one I really liked and clicked on it to see what sizes they had. Though I knew I wasn't going to buy it at $93. Ouch. But I was curious.

And much to my lack of surprise, they only had sizes XS-L.


Not even an XL?

I thought we had progressed in this century.

I thought fat was acceptable.

I thought with the brain of a fat girl.

In the middle of writing a nasty email to them, a link up at the top caught my eye..."PLUS SIZE."

"Oh, okay. I guess they aren't as stupid as I thought."

I clicked on the link and woop-dee-doo. They had a whopping nine dresses to choose from. Nine out of a dozens and dozens.

They weren't even the cutest ones. It was like they looked at their fabric inventory and decided which fabric they liked the least and said, "Those. We'll put those on the fat girls...it'll use that fabric up quicker." (I sent my email after all.)

This is a phenomenon that has baffled me since I became a fat girl in my teens.

Why do clothes manufactures think big girls=ugly clothes/bad style. They think we all want to wear mu-mus from Africa.

You know, it's actually not true.

We like to wear what skinny girl wear, just in a couple sizes bigger.

And contrary to what you may believe, oh dear clothing makers, as a plus-size, I stopped wearing shoulder pads along with the rest of the globe back in the 90's. So you can throw out your stock. Though I shouldn't even have to tell you this, cuz common sense should have told you big girls=their own built in should pads.

One day some one will get it. (Although, I do have to give a hoo-ha to Old Navy cuz they're getting there.)

So, dear clothing makers. Save yourself some money...fire that plus-size designer and just make bigger clothes out of what you already have.


Oh, and quit with the waifs already! No one is really that skinny! If that model ate a m&m, her gut would pop out like a balloon.


And because I don't want to end this post with a bad attitude...

This morning as I put Lily on the bathroom counter to brush her teeth, I said, "Ugh, you're getting so heavy!"


"That's cuz I'm growing up!" In her high-pitched little voice.

"Auhw." I said with a frown.

She interrupted my pity fest, "I'm still your baby!"

"You are?!"

"Yes. I'm your baby, even if I'm growing up!"

And that made my day and also made me wanna cry a little.

I love that kid.



  1. I find it difficult to find clothes I like regardless of the size. My issue is pickiness.

  2. awe! That so sweet! Lily is a sweety :)
    I totally agree about the clothes, even at Target., there plus size runs really small and they all fit weird! I get those catologs in the mail where the biggest size is a large! What the heck would I do with a large. I was a large when I was at my thinnest! Oh well. @ least Old Navy has some cute things. Everywhere else sells moo-moo's with arm holes and a high neck. with giant flowerly patterns or some Disney winnie the pooh character. I dont want a giant shirt with eyore on it. I'm depressed enough.

  3. Amen to all of this! You are soooo funny and I love you!

  4. YES!! I hate it! I'm a 2X!! Really 2X? I'm not THAT big! I feel your frustration.
    And the tale of Lily in the bathroom is so precious!

  5. If a medium is supposed to be in the middle and the average american is 14-18 why is that not a medium? Why is it xl-2x? I agree- hard to find anything to wear even with the internet shopping we can do.

  6. You sound like the lady in the TV show "Drop Dead Diva."

  7. See,it's not just me.

    But let the record show, that episode came out after my rant.


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