topsy tail

Remember these?

I just got one.

I love it.

Only a decade late.

But how did I live without it?!


  1. Looks like a plastic punch dagger. What is it?

  2. Hey! I remember those! But I could never afford one so I made one out of a hanger. Yeah...it didn't feel so nice on the head.

  3. Well now we need to see some pictures of all your new hair creations!

  4. Dan...I'm actually glad you have no idea what that is. You should be awarded extra Man Cards. If you knew what that was you would lose your cards for the next 5 years.

  5. I have one now. When I was younger, I used to just thread my hair myself. Yes, let's see some pictures of your doo.

  6. I made one out of a hanger too! :) Its silly that just a little plastic was so expensive!

  7. A hanger never crossed my mind. I'm not a massicist.

    I used to thread mine and Lily's hair myself. I thought it worked just as well...until I got this. It's amazing how much better it works.

    I got it on eBay for $5. Not bad.


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