dream buns

I made these Sunday

They are delicious.

So much so that, the next morning,--early Monday morning, I had the strangest dream...

I dreamed that all my siblings were spending the night at my house. (This really WAS a dream!)
Picture also from lizzy.
For some reason, the lights didn't work, so everything was dark.

Steve got up early to go to work and he ate a cinnamon roll.

I dreamed that I was sleeping in my bed dreaming of eating one too.

Some of my siblings were awake and moving about the house.

I could hear them.

I thought, "No one better eat my cinnamon roll."

In my dream, I slept a little more. (I am actually THAT boring, that I dream of myself sleeping.)

Then I woke up and stumbled through the dark into the kitchen.

I opened the fridge.

They were gone.



"How did all the cinnamon rolls get eaten!? They were mine! I made them and no one even saved me one?!"

The lights came on and the guilty looks from all my siblings told me what they did.


Then I woke up...for reals.

And realized I had 6 glorious cinnamon rolls waiting for me and only me.

Middle-child-paranoia never really dies, does it.

That is how much I love these.


  1. They look tasty..mmm...

  2. The Pickle Effect, in effect. It just never goes away, huh?

    I love...cinnamon rolls.

    And we've done the family sleeping at your house thing. It's rough. We're a large people, in number and girth. We'd need a bigger building for that dream to come true now, what with the 20+ of us.

  3. Bahaha, coming from a family of 8 kids myself I can TOTALLY feel your paranoia pain. It seems that it you didn't "grab" the goodies then they were gone before you could. (hey, maybe thats part of my weight problem....just thinking)
    They do look delicious though.
    Would love the recipe if you are sharing.
    and on a side note...i dream of sleeping too!
    it's fabulous!!!

  4. Your siblings must have eaten a lot of your food as a child to be so phobic. I think I would be a bit phobic, too. That looks yummy!

  5. I hate those kind of dreams! But I am very glad they were there for you to enjoy, they look fantastic :)


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