paper games

If you're looking for some easy games to make with your kids, here are some ideas. I got them from an Usborne book. (It's big out here in the Basin. I don't know if anyone else has heard of them.)

I let Lily help me make some of the pieces...until her attention and patience were cut short.

They're pretty cute though.

Bunny Tails:
1. Cut out some bunny shapes without the tails.
2. Glue them on scrapbook paper. (I still need to laminate my "game board.")
3. Glue some little puffy ball thingies to some small squares of s.b. paper.
4. Cut out some playing cards. Put 1 through 4 on them. Make some with carrots drawn on.
5. Read the rules--which are a couple pictures down.
6. Play.

Lily really likes this one. Some games last long, some are only a few minutes. Lily won every game yesterday. And I didn't even let her.

Cherry Pie
1. Cut out a brown and yellow circle: one for the bottom crust, one for the top. (Or you can do two the same color...obviously. It's a free country. For now.)
2. Cut out a smaller pink circle for the "filling." Glue it to the bottom crust.
3. Cut out little cherry pieces and glue them to the pink circle.
4. Cut your top crust into wedges. Number them if you want.
5. Play.

One set of rules is on the picture below. If you look hard enough, you can see them. (Sorry, my pictures really suck today.)

Another version that's on the back of this card is:
1. Each player draws a card and you take off the piece of pie that corresponds with the number on the card.
2. If you draw a card with a cherry on it, you skip a turn.
3. The person who draws the last number on the pie, wins.

Simple, but this is a toddler game. And toddlers LOVE to win.

"Quack Quack"
1. Cut out some ducks.
2. Number the wells of an ice cube tray or egg carton.
3. Get a little ball.
4. Fill some bowls with water and get 2 spoons.
5. Play.

The rules are kind of hard to see. Basically, you toss a little ball into the wells of the ice cube tray or the egg carton. Then, you drop as many drops into your ducky glass as indicated by the number your ball went into. First one to the duck, wins.

Silly Sentences

This is not so much a game as it is a learning book on how to make and read sentences.

You just add some index cards or paper to the inside a folded scrapbook paper and add different pronouns, verbs, nouns, etc.

It has sentences like:

"He washes my cake."

"I eat your dog."

"They bake his car."

And so on.

So, there you go.

If you wanted some ideas, take them.

Call me inattentive, but I can still watch t.v. while playing them with Lily. These days, my Nap Button is always turned on and I could nap at any given moment. The t.v. keeps me awake, and the game keeps Lily happy.


  1. Amy, You are sooo creative! :) Im proud of you! :) I am going to try and make a few of these ideas at work.... and hopefully Riley will slow down long enough to play them! :)

  2. Those are REALLY cute and creative ideas! THANKS for sharing them!!!!!!!!

  3. So cute! I love anything that keeps a kid busy. :)

  4. Cute ideas! I wish my kids were young enough for these. I used to do file folder games. I loved making them...

  5. Wowza!!! You rock. If only I wasn't so dang lazy. I think Brody would LOVE that silly sentences game. Did you draw the pictures??

  6. Yeah, but they're just little stick figure pictures. Nothing fancy. And you can still be lazy. I made them in front of the t.v. watching Gilmore Girls.


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